• Human Right
  • October 12, 2020

Women against Sexual Violence and State Repression (WSS) is appalled at the arrest of Father Stan Swamy, an elderly Jesuit priest, by the NIA in the infamous Bhima Koregaon – Elgar Parishad conspiracy case on the night of 8 October, 2020. Fr. Stan Swamy was working on adivasi issues for the past 5 decades. He […]

Unmute your Mute “Dalit Women Demand Justice”
  • Caste
  • October 11, 2020

Joint Press Statement New Delhi, 10th October 2020:   All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch (AIDMAM), National Dalit Movement for Justice (NDMJ) along with Joint Action Forum for Dalit and Adivasi Women have come together to put forth our demands to ensure justice for Dalit and Adivasi women who have been targets of sexual violence […]

Bihar Assembly Elections: Infighting Within Alliances
  • National
  • October 11, 2020

Bihar is the only Hindi speaking state of India where the BJP has never been able to win an election on its own strength. In the upcoming assembly election, BJP’s main enemy is not outside the NDA alliance but within the alliance. In BJP view without Lalu Prasad, Grand Alliance is not a big challenge […]

Fact Finding Report on Telinipara Communal Violence (2020): Introduction and Perspective
  • Fact Finding Report
  • October 10, 2020

The communal violence in Telinipara in Hooghly district of West Bengal occurred amidst the raging pandemic during the lockdown in early May 2020. Everyone knows there was unrest, conflict and communal violence. But what actually happened in Telinipara? What triggered the violence and what are its immediate and far-reaching effect? This is the second report […]

হাথরাসের দলিত তরুণীর ধর্ষণ ও হত্যায় তথ্যানুসন্ধানী দলের প্রতিবেদন
  • Fact Finding Report
  • October 9, 2020

হাথরস্‌-এর দলিত মহিলার উচ্চ বর্ণের পুরুষদের হাতে নৃশংস ধর্ষণ ও হত্যার ঘটনার পরিপ্রেক্ষিতে ন্যাশনাল ফেডারেশন অফ ইন্ডিয়ান উওমেন-র জাতীয় সাধারণ সম্পাদক অ্যানি রাজা, প্রগতিশীল মহিলা সংগঠনের জেনারেল সেক্রেটারি পুনম কৌশিক এবং অ্যাক্ট নাউ ফর হারমোনি এন্ড ডেমোক্রেসির (আনহাদ) শাবনম হাশমি নিয়ে গঠিত একটি প্রতিনিধি দল ৫ই অক্টোবর ২০২০ হাথরাস জেলার গুলগাড়ী গ্রাম পরিদর্শন করেন এবং […]

Full text of the statement by Fr. Stan Swamy, two days before his arrest by NIA.
  • Human Right
  • October 8, 2020

The National Investigation agency (NIA) on Thursday picked up 83 years old social and human rights worker Fr. Stan Swamy from his ashram Bagaicha, in Ranchi. Fr. Swamy was previously questioned and booked as a “suspected-case” in the Bhima Koregaon case.  In a video statement released by his colleagues earlier today, Fr. Swamy said the […]