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Position of women in Medieval India

In the second part of his two-part essay, Zeeshan Husain looks at the position of women in India from AD 600-1750, focusing on historian Irfan Habib’s “Medieval India: The Study of a Civilisation” (2007), and AS Altekar’s, “The Position of Women in Hindu Civilization”. Habib divides this period into three parts — early medieval India […]

Understanding the History of Caste in India through Irfan Habib‘s Work

In a 2-part essay, Zeeshan Husain looks at the interplays of castes and gender from AD 600-1750, focusing on historian Irfan Habib’s Medieval India: The Study of a Civilisation (2007). Habib divides this period into three parts — early medieval India (AD 600–1200), India under the Sultanates (AD 1200–1500), and Mughal India (AD 1500–1750) — and […]

Article 15: A “Dalit film” in the Dreams of a Brahmin

“Although there is no comparison between Article 15 and Pa Ranjith’s Kaala, but still, it is tempting to look into their ways of direction because these two are the only Bollywood films in recent times, having Bahujan issues as the main theme. Unlike Article 15, in Kaala, Dalits are not always dirty and helpless, waiting […]

Women and Education through Babasaheb’s Eyes

In these times when the entire nation is reeling under severe attacks from the dominant classes, “I would like to remind the young generation of today including myself, that we have to remember the dream of our great Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar to create a society that is without caste and without ignorance. And to this […]

‘Upper Caste Quota Bill’: An Attempt to Erase a Long History

In order to decide the meaning of ‘Economic Backwardness’, Modi Government set up no Commission, or undertake any comprehensive study across the country, unlike what the apex court had stipulated in the Indra Sawhney case (1992). But the present arbitrariness of a blanket 8 lakh per annum slab for economic backwardness for the ‘forward classes’ […]

Remembering Dalit Panthers on the Death Anniversary of their First Martyr

10th January marks the martyrdom of Bhagwat Jhadhav, the first martyr of the Dalit Panthers Movement, a militant anti-caste  struggle that shook Maharashtra during the 70s. Like every year, several anti-caste, cultural organisations and political parties including the Kabir Kala Manch, Samta Kala Manch, Republican Panthers and the Republican Party of India organised meetings in […]

‘Upper Caste Quota Bill’: What is New and What is Not

On the day when millions of workers across the country struck for Minimum Wage, the Parliament almost unanimously passed the 124th Constitution Amendment Bill, introducing reservation for the socially and educationally forward classes. Coming to be called the ‘Upper Caste Quota Bill’ in common parlance, this Bill is being seen as Modi Government’s last minute […]

A Social Autopsy of Azeem’s Death

An eight year old Madarsa student was killed in Delhi on October 25th, and his death has been variously narrated as a lynching, or as a scuffle between minor boys. Azram Rahman Khan traces a pre-history of hate that contributed towards this unfortunate incident.    The tragic death of Mohammad Azeem, an 8 year-old student […]

There is Nothing ‘Spiritual’ in Cleaning Sewage and Carrying Human Excreta

In his book Karmayog, Prime Minister Narendra Modi talks of manual scavenging as a ‘spiritual experience’. He gives this sermon even while manual scavenging is banned by law in India. At least one person dies every day while cleaning sewers and septic tanks. Besides risk to human health and life the occupation employing thousands of […]

The Touch of Love, the Touch of Death and a New Dance in Tamil Nadu

A new choreography by a Chennai-based dancer speaks of caste-oppression and honour killing in Tamil Nadu, addressing the contemporary socio-political issue in a straightforward manner. How severe is the truth underlying the content of this work?  Madhushree Teenda Teenda In travel advertisements, the image of Indian culture is often represented by a smiling Bharatanatyam dancer, […]

United Against Hate : a citizens’ initiative takes up the fight for justice

United Against Hate is a citizens’ initiative against the rising hate crimes and communal-casteist violence rampant in the country today. This platform was formed in Delhi in August 2017 and since have been running campaigns, meetings and protest demonstrations against various such cases of atrocities. GroundXero sits down for an interview with Nadeem Khan and […]

প্রিভেনশন অফ অ্যাট্রো‌সিটি অ্যাক্ট-এর ধারা শিথিল করার বিরুদ্ধে পালিত হল ‘জাতীয় প্রতিরোধ দিবস’

সম্প্রতি সুপ্রিম কোর্ট প্রিভেনশন অফ অ্যাট্রোসিটি অ্যাক্ট বিষয়ক এক মামলার রায় দিতে গিয়ে বলে, আপাতগ্রাহ্য সাক্ষ্যপ্রমাণ না থাকলে অভিযুক্তের আগাম জামিন মঞ্জুর হতে পারে। প্রধানত এই রায়ের বিরুদ্ধে এবং ২রা এপ্রিল গ্রেফতার হওয়া দলিত-আদিবাসী মুক্তির দাবিতে পয়লা মে পালিত হল ‘প্রতিরোধ দিবস’। গ্রাউন্ড‌জিরো: ‘জাতীয় প্রতিরোধ দিবস‘ পালিত হল। দলিত ও আদিবাসীদের বিরুদ্ধে অত্যাচার নিরোধক আইনটিকে […]

“A new experiment in Ambedkarite – Marxist alliance” – in conversation with Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd

Abhishek Bhattacharyya Prof Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd, now Chairman of T-MASS, or ‘Telangana Mass and Social Organizations,’ appears to have put behind him the recent spike in threats to his life, and is very busy with travel and various meetings. I learn from him of a celebration organised here in Hyderabad by KVPS (Kula Vivaksha Vyatireka […]