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Columbia Students Occupy Historic Campus Building, Renaming It After Child Killed by IDF

“Students and community members are risking suspension and arrest to end the true state of emergency on campus, Columbia’s complicity in the genocide in Gaza.”   Jake Johnson Apr 30, 2024   Pro-Palestinian student protesters at Columbia University early Tuesday occupied a campus building with a long history of anti-war and anti-apartheid demonstrations, storming the hall and […]

Israel Kills Daughter, Infant Grandson of Slain Palestinian Poet Refaat Alareer

“I have beautiful news for you. I wish I could tell you in person. Do you know you have just become a grandfather?” Shaima Alareer wrote to her slain father before she, her baby, and her husband were killed.   By BRETT WILKINS Apr 29, 2024   The daughter, infant grandson, and son-in-law of Refaat Alareer—the […]

Sermon for Gaza

This is a sermon I gave Sunday April 28 at a service held at the encampment for Gaza at Princeton University. The service was organized by students from Princeton Theological Seminary.   By CHRIS HEDGES 28 April, 2024   In the conflicts I covered as a reporter in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and the […]

Livelihoods of hundreds of sanitation workers at stake! 

Even though the national capital would come to a standstill if the work of sewer workers and informal waste pickers is not done regularly, there is no provision to properly integrate them into the government setup.   New Delhi, 27th April 2024: Sanitation workers in Delhi have been facing unemployment because of the inability of the […]

Open Letter to the President of Columbia University

The open letter was started by a group of Indian academics, many of them active in prestigious universities around the world, including Suvrat Raju, a scientist in the field of quantum mechanics and black holes, and in just a few days it was signed up by leading academics and intellectuals, including Gayatri Chakravorti Spivak, reaching […]

জলবায়ু সংকট থেকে পরিত্রাণ, জলবায়ু ন্যায়ের দাবিতে দাবিসনদ প্রকাশ করল অর্ধশতাধিক সংগঠন

“এখনও পর্যন্ত জলবায়ু সংকট মোকাবিলায় ভারত সরকারের যাবতীয় পদক্ষেপ অন্যায্য, চূড়ান্তভাবে অগণতান্ত্রিক এবং বাস্তবত অকার্যকারী। দাবিসনদ জোর দিয়ে জানাচ্ছে, যে সমস্ত অঞ্চলে মানুষের জীবন-জীবিকা প্রকৃতির সঙ্গে অঙ্গাঙ্গীভাবে জড়িয়ে অথবা, জলবায়ু পরিবর্তনে সরাসরি ভাবে যাঁদের জীবন ও জীবিকা ক্ষতিগ্রস্ত হচ্ছে তাঁদের কাছে জলবায়ু সংকট দিন দিন প্রাণঘাতী হয়ে উঠছে। জলবায়ুর পরিবর্তন যেমন তাঁদের ক্ষতি করছে, তেমনই […]

সন্দেশখালি: আদিবাসীদের ‘হিন্দুত্ব’ শিখিয়েছে আরএসএস, ভোটে মেরুকরণই লক্ষ্য বিজেপির

সন্দেশখালিতে অত্যাধুনিক যন্ত্রের সাহায্যে অস্ত্র খোঁজা হচ্ছে, হয়তো কিছুদিনের মধ্যেই সন্ত্রাসবাদীও খুঁজে বের করে ফেলবে সংবাদমাধ্যমগুলি। সুন্দরবন অঞ্চলের বাস্তুতন্ত্র রক্ষা বা সেখানকার মানুষের নিরাপত্তা ও স্বাভাবিক জীবনযাপন সুনিশ্চিত করার কোনো অভিপ্রায় বিজেপির নেই; তারা আপাতত ধর্মীয় মেরুকরণের মাধ্যমে অঞ্চলবাসীর মন বিষিয়ে চলেছে। লিখছেন উপমা নির্ঝরাণি।   সন্দেশখালি— গত কয়েকমাস ধরে পশ্চিমবঙ্গের সংবাদমাধ্যম থেকে শুরু করে মফস্বলের […]

College administrators are falling into a tried and true trap laid by the right

Like their association of civil rights and peace demonstrators with communism throughout the Cold War, politicians on both sides of the aisle are now broadly hurling claims of antisemitism against anyone protesting Israel’s war in Gaza, many of whom are Jewish.   By Lauren Lassabe Shepherd, University of New Orleans   Interrogations of university leaders spearheaded […]

Indigenous Brazilians Mobilize for Land Demarcation, Tribal Rights

Participants in the 20th Free Land Camp demanded that leftist Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva deliver on his promises to Indigenous people.   BRETT WILKINS Apr 26, 2024   Thousands of people rallied this week in Brasília for the 20th annual Free Land Camp—the largest gathering of Indigenous people in Brazil—where participants demanded […]

Revolt in the Universities

University students across the country, facing mass arrests, suspensions, evictions and expulsions are our last, best hope to halt the genocide in Gaza.   By CHRIS HEDGES 25 April, 2024   PRINCETON, N.J — Achinthya Sivalingam, a graduate student in Public Affairs at Princeton University did not know when she woke up this morning that […]

Police Ruthlessly Attack Students Protesters in America; Mass Graves Found in Gaza

USA launch crackdown on anti-war protest camps set up by pro-Palestinian campaigners at US universities, leading to the arrests of dozens of students who want the genocide in Gaza to end.   By Harsh Thakor  April 25, 2024   Police and security forces in the USA continue to mercilessly pound on students engaging in protest […]

All Eyes on Purnea in the 2nd phase of Election in Bihar

Independent candidates can spoil the chances of India Alliance candidates in many seats in the 2nd phase phase by making a dent in the social base of the RJD. The most talked about seat in this context is the Purnea Parliamentary seat from where three-time MP Pappu Yadav is contesting as an Independent.   By Anish […]

Uttarakhand limits agricultural land sales amid protests & tourism development

By Swati Thapa| April 22, 2024 Mongabay Series: Y. Eva Tan Conservation Reporting Fellowship   Following widespread protests, Uttarakhand’s Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami has issued orders to district magistrates to deny permission to sell agricultural lands to those outside the state.   With just 14% of its land designated for agriculture and more than 65% of […]

Led by US, Global Military Spending Surged to Record $2.4 Trillion Last Year

The top five biggest military spenders last year—the U.S., China, Russia, India, and Saudi Arabia—accounted for 61% of global military outlays.   JAKE JOHNSON Apr 22, 2024   New research published Monday shows that global military spending increased in 2023 for the ninth consecutive year, surging to $2.4 trillion as Russia’s assault on Ukraine and Israel’s war […]

India must do everything to stop massacre of Palestine children and women – SKM

SKM, a collective platform of farmers’ unions across India, has appealed to the farmers across the country to extend support and solidarity to the farmers of Palestine, and urged the Indian government to do everything to stop the massacre of Palestinian children and women in Gaza.   Groundxero | April 22, 2024   The Samyukta Kisan […]

Bastar goes to poll; what are the key issues?

The elections, especially in Bastar and Kanker constituencies in Chhattisgarh, will be watched intently. The restive region has always grabbed attention for the untold violence and displacement of local Adivasi residents as the State has fought armed insurgency for over three decades.    Malini Subramaniam Bastar, Chhattisgarh|April 18, 2024   The 18th Lok Sabha election in […]

Bihar: The INDIA Alliance Trying Hard to Dent Social Base of NDA

Both the electoral alliances in the state have done their caste calculations to suit their political as well as electoral interest. The Tejaswi Yadav led INDIA alliance is trying hard to dent the social base of the NDA.   By Anish Ankur April 18, 2024   Election campaign for the parliamentary election is gaining momentum in […]

উত্তর থেকে দক্ষিণ: বাংলার ধর্মীয় সংস্কৃতি কি হিন্দিবলয়মুখী?

কাল আরও একটি ভোট। পরের বছর আরও একটা রামনবমীর জন্য অপেক্ষা। আরও ভয়ংকর কিছু প্রত্যক্ষ করার দুশ্চিন্তা নিয়ে ঘুমোতে যাওয়া। লিখলেন অনিমেষ দত্ত।   ঘড়িতে তখন দুপুর সাড়ে বারোটা। মাথার উপর প্রকট সূর্যের তেজ। কোর্ট মোড় থেকে দু’পা হেঁটে এগোলেই শিলিগুড়ির অন্যতম গুরুত্বপূর্ণ ভেনাস মোড়। এই মোড়ের একটি কাগুজে নাম আছে, সফদর হাসমি চক। সেই […]

বিদ্বেষ দিয়েই শেষ মোদীর প্রথম দফার ভোটপ্রচার

বাংলার বুকের উপর দাঁড়িয়ে তাই রামদাঙ্গাকে একরকম সমর্থন জানিয়ে, “শোভাযাত্রায় পাথর ছোড়ার অনুমোদন তৃণমূল সরকার দিয়ে রেখেছে”, মুসলিমদের নিশানা করে, এমন চূড়ান্ত মিথ্যা, সাম্প্রদায়িক প্ররোচনামূলক বাক্য উচ্চারণ করতে পারেন নরেন্দ্র মোদী। দলমত নির্বিশেষে এই বিষবাক্যের যুতসই  জবাব কবে দেব আমরা? আর কত নীলকণ্ঠ হব? লিখলেন দেবাশিস আইচ।   সন্দেশখালি গণবিক্ষোভে সাম্প্রদায়িক রং লেপে ভোটপ্রচার শুরু […]

A Brief History of Kill Lists, From Langley to Lavender

The Lavender AI system is a new weapon developed by Israel, but the kind of kill lists that it generates has a long pedigree in U.S. wars, occupations, and CIA regime change operations.   By MEDEA BENJAMIN, NICOLAS J.S. DAVIES Apr 16, 2024   The Israeli online magazine +972 has published a detailed report on Israel’s use of an artificial […]

আসছে ভোট, ভোটের আগেই রাম নবমী, ভাটপাড়া-কাঁকিনাড়ার মজদুর লাইনে বাড়ছে আতঙ্ক

ব্যারাকপুর শিল্পাঞ্চলে মেরুকরণের রাজনীতির যে নমুনা দেখা যাচ্ছে তা ভয়ঙ্কর ভবিষ্যতের দিকে ইঙ্গিত করছে। লিখলেন সীতাংশুশেখর। এই বার লোকসভা নির্বাচনের ঠিক আগেই রাম নবমী। ভোটের ঢাকে আর রাম নবমীর পূজোর ঢাকে কাঠি পড়ার সঙ্গেই মাঠে নেমে পড়েছেন এর থেকে ফায়দা তুলবেন যারা, তারা। নির্বাচনী নির্ঘন্ট বাজার সঙ্গে সঙ্গেই রক্তপাত, মারদাঙ্গা, হিংসা মাত্রাহীনভাবে বেড়ে যায় এখানে। “এমনিতো […]

Modi Guarantees “Vikas for Corporates, Suicide for Farmers” — SKM

Without reversing the pro-corporate agricultural policy, ensuring remunerative price to farmers and minimum wage to farm workers, and announcing loan waiver to free farmers from indebtedness, the Modi Guarantee will only facilitate Vikas for corporates and cause widespread suicides of farmers and farm workers.   Groundxero | April 15, 2024   Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) on […]

UK Youth, Experts Occupy Coal-Sponsored Science Museum Gallery

“It’s not just Adani’s brand that the Science Museum is greenwashing, they’re also allowing the oil and gas giants BP and Equinor to sponsor their exhibits, disregarding the fact that these companies continue to expand fossil fuel production against the warnings of climate scientists,” noted Aaron Thierry, one of the scientists who occupied the gallery. […]

Bollywood is playing a large supporting role in India’s elections

Ahead of elections in India, a series of films that promote the ruling party’s right-wing ideology are seeking to influence voters. An art historian explains how the trend started.   By Preminda Jacob, University of Maryland, Baltimore County   As the largest electorate in history goes to the polls in India from April 19 to […]

Unveiling Reality: Tea Garden Survey Snapshot

A survey report on the conditions of tea garden workers of North Bengal released a week before the Lok Sabha elections provides a reflection not just on the deplorable conditions of tea garden workers but also a sad commentary on the failure of the two major contenders in this election, one of whom controls the […]

Why Israel Should Be Banned From the Paris Olympics

If the IOC has excluded Russia from the games for actions contrary to the Olympic ethos of peace, then consistency demands scrutiny of all participants.   By SOPHIA BROOKS Apr 09, 2024   An ancient adage states, “To kill is to invite punishment, except when done en masse.” Despite the passage of over half a […]

বাংলার “সংসদীয়” রাজনীতি মানেই দুর্নীতি, “বাংলার রাজনীতি” নয়

এ ভারতে বিগত ১০ বছরে শুধু সংসদ প্রধান রাজনীতি-অর্থনীতি, কর্পোরেট প্রধান সমাজ-সংস্কৃতি মানেই দুর্নীতি। এবং পুরো ব্যবস্থাটাই, একে অন্যের সঙ্গে জাপটে-জুপটে, লেপ্টে-লুপ্টে, নোংরা কাদা মাখামাখি এমনই “শুয়োরের খোঁয়ার” হয়ে আছে যে, সে বিষয়ে “চোরের মায়ের বড় গলা” শুনতে যাওয়া, অংশগ্রহণ করা, উপস্থিত থাকা, হাত তুলে হলেও “বাংলার দুর্নীতিতে ঘোর বিচলিত” হওয়া আসলে এই দুর্নীতির রাজনীতিকে […]

‘End This War Crime’: HRW Says Israel Is Starving Children to Death in Gaza

“The Israeli government’s use of starvation as a weapon of war has proven deadly for children in Gaza.”   By Jake Johnson Apr 09, 2024   The Israeli government is starving children to death in the Gaza Strip with its deliberate and systematic obstruction of food aid, Human Rights Watch said in a report released Tuesday, citing firsthand accounts from doctors […]

“Workers’ Rights Manifesto” – 2024

The suggestions and demands given in this ‘Workers’ Rights Manifesto’ have emerged from the discussions held over the past few months with many organisations and worker groups in their work areas.   Groundxero | April 8, 2024   The preamble of our constitution mentions the values of justice, liberty, equality, fraternity, dignity, secularism and socialism. These […]

SKM demands SC monitored SIT to probe Electoral Bond Scam

The SKM has appealed to the farmers to campaign among the people for Supreme Court monitored SIT to probe Electoral Bond Scam, and demand prosecution of PM Modi, key cabinet members and BJP leadership.   Groundxero | April 8, 2024   The Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) in a press release said that the revelations after the […]

World Marks Six Months of ‘Relentless Death and Destruction’ in Gaza

U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres reiterated his call for an “immediate humanitarian cease-fire, the unconditional release of all hostages, the protection of civilians, and the unimpeded delivery of humanitarian aid.”   By Brett Wilkins Apr 07, 2024   Peace and human rights advocates on Sunday renewed calls for an immediate cease-fire in Gaza and an increase in lifesaving humanitarian […]

Appeal for pan-Indian solidarity with the Pashmina March in Ladakh

The next phase of the ongoing struggle in Ladakh, spearheaded by the People’s Movement for the 6th Schedule’ has begun with women who sat on hunger strike, this past week. The  ‘Pashmina March’ has been announced from the 7th of April. On that day thousands will march towards the Changthang area along the China border.   […]

‘My father didn’t die of cardiac arrest, he was institutionally murdered’ — Mukhtar Ansari’s son spills the beans

Even before his death, Mukhtar’s family has been alleging that he was being fed with “slow poison”. The deceased had also petitioned in a trial court in Barabanki through his counsel, alleging the same.    Groundxero | April 5, 2024 By Anwar ST   Ghazipur (Uttar Pradesh): Former MLA Mukhtar Ansari, who represented eastern Uttar Pradesh’s Mau […]

CASR Demands Release of Chhattisgarh Adivasi Leader Sarju Tekam

CASR strongly condemns the arrest of adivasi leader Sarju Tekam under UAPA and Arms Act, demands immediate withdrawal of the false cases against him and his unconditionally release.   Groundxero | April 3, 2024   Chhattisgarh police on Tuesday arrested tribal leader, Sarju Tekam, for being a ‘Naxalite sympathizer’ and booked him under Unlawful Activities Prevention […]

Remembering Marlon Brando on his Birth Centenary

Marlon Brando explored zones unpenetrated in acting and was a crusader for people’s causes.    By Harsh Thakor  April 3, 2024   Marlon Brando on 3rd April completes his birth centenary. He died in 2004, on 1st July, aged 80 years.   Arguably in Hollywood, Brando penetrated sensitivity and versatility at an unparalleled scale and discovered […]