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Unveiling Reality: Tea Garden Survey Snapshot

A survey report on the conditions of tea garden workers of North Bengal released a week before the Lok Sabha elections provides a reflection not just on the deplorable conditions of tea garden workers but also a sad commentary on the failure of the two major contenders in this election, one of whom controls the […]

“Workers’ Rights Manifesto” – 2024

The suggestions and demands given in this ‘Workers’ Rights Manifesto’ have emerged from the discussions held over the past few months with many organisations and worker groups in their work areas.   Groundxero | April 8, 2024   The preamble of our constitution mentions the values of justice, liberty, equality, fraternity, dignity, secularism and socialism. These […]

At least 24 workers died in accidents at workplaces in last 7 days

With economic growth and industrial progress, India has also witnessed an unfortunate consequence: a disturbing rise in fatal accidents at workplaces. Tens of thousands of workers die at a horrifying rate in accidents at workplaces across the country.   Groundxero | March 24, 2024   In the last 7 days, between March 18 and March 24, […]

উৎপাদন নীতি বদল ও ‘গেটবাহার’ শ্রমিকদের কাজে নেওয়ার দাবিতে শ্যামনগর জুটমিলে শ্রমিক বিক্ষোভ

বুকটান করে লড়ছেন শ্যামনগর জুটমিলের শ্রমিকরা। মহল্লায় তাঁদের স্বপক্ষে অন্য মজদুররা জড়ো হচ্ছেন। তাঁদের মূল দাবি অবিলম্বে এই চায়না মেশিনের মাধ্যমে কম শ্রমিক দিয়ে বেশি কাজ করিয়ে নেওয়া চলবে না। ১৫ জন গেটবাহার করে দেওয়া শ্রমিকদের কাজে নিতে হবে।   Groundxero | প্রতিবেদন ২১ মার্চ, ২০২৪   এক জন শ্রমিক চালাতেন দু’টি মেশিন, এবার চালাতে হবে ছ’টি। […]

SC directs governments to give ration cards to 8 crore migrant workers

The court ordered all migrant /unorganised workers registered on the eShram portal must be given the ration cards within 2 months   Groundxero | March 20, 2024   In a landmark judgement, the Supreme Court of India today, while hearing a petition (MA 94/2022) in the case ‘Re Problems and Miseries of Migrant Labourers’, directed […]

Rail Blockade by Agricultural Labourers in Punjab

A report by Harsh Thakor March 12, 2024   At a time when the land-owning farmers in Punjab are intensifying their struggle to get a legal guarantee of Minimum Support Price for all their crops, along with other demands, the agricultural workers of the state under the banner of the Zameen Prapt Sangharsh Committee (ZPSC) […]

“A Scheme To Take Away Our Land” – Tea Garden Workers Oppose Govt. Scheme

Groundxero| March 10, 2024   “The Government through its so called scheme for distributing homestead pattas among landless tea garden labourers In North Bengal is not giving us land – it is a scheme to take away our land.” This was the general agreement on 10th March 2024 in a Birpara-Madarihat block level meeting of […]

এমডিও মডেল: রাষ্ট্রায়ত্ত কয়লা শিল্পের কফিনে শেষ পেরেক

রাষ্ট্রায়ত্ত কয়লাশিল্পে এই মুহূর্তে সবচেয়ে বড় বিপদ রেভেনিউ শেয়ারিং অ্যান্ড মাইনস ডেভলপার অ্যান্ড অপারেটর (এমডিও) মডেল। সরকারি কাঠামো বজায় রেখে বেসরকারি সংস্থার দখলদারি কায়েমের ব্যবস্থা। কয়লা শিল্পের ধাত্রীভূমি হিসাবে পরিচিত রানিগঞ্জ কয়লাঞ্চলে এমডিও মডেল চালু করতে উদ্যত হয়েছে কর্পোরেট বান্ধব মোদি সরকার। এমডিও মডেল আসলে ধারাবাহিক ভাবে কয়লা শিল্পকে বেসরকারি হাতে তুলে দেওয়ার শেষ ধাপ […]

With $280 Billion in Profits, Oil Giants Are ‘Main Winners of the War in Ukraine’

“They have amassed untold wealth off the back of death, destruction, and spiraling energy prices,” a Global Witness investigator said of a new analysis.   By Olivia Rosane Feb 19, 2024   As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine approaches its second anniversary, one group has clearly benefited: the five biggest U.S. and European oil and gas companies. […]

Hunger Death of a Worker at Madhu Tea Estate

Dhani Oraon, a 58 years old permanent worker (PF No. WB/889/2514) from Madhu Tea Garden, died of starvation on 2nd February 2024, reflecting once more on the apathy of the state government and the garden management to the terrible state of tea garden workers.   Groundxero | 7th February, 2024   Dhani Ora (58), a permanent […]

Mamata announces payment of pending wages of 21 lakh NREGA in West Bengal

Groundxero | 3rd February, 2024   West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday announced that her government would clear the pending wages of 21 lakh NREGA workers of West Bengal from the state fund. She said that unpaid wages will be transferred to the bank accounts of the MGNREGA workers in the State by […]

Immediately disburse wages pending for two years to NREGA workers in West Bengal

100 Lawyers and Law Professionals from across India endorse demand to immediate disbursal of wages pending for two years to NREGA workers in West Bengal, with full compensation & resumption of work.   Groundxero | 3rd February, 2024   The Union Government has stopped funding for NREGA in West Bengal since 9th March, 2022, based on […]

Farmers Took Pledge to End Corporate Loot and Protect Secular Democratic India on Republic Day

The huge success of the Kisan Tractor Parade on Republic Day and the mass action character of the gatherings across India is a warning to the BJP led Union Government that enforcing anti-farmer, anti-worker, anti-people policies will be met with widest and strongest resistance of the people.   Groundxero | 26 Jan 2024   Delhi, 26th […]

SKM Flays Modi Govt’s Intention of Hand over Agriculture to Corporates

Groundxero | 23 Jan 2024   Narendra Modi has promised freedom from indebtedness and doubling of income to the farmers during the 2014 Lok Sabha election. But the reality is that thousands of distressed farmers in the country are committing suicide every year. One lakh four hundred and seventy four farmers have committed suicide during the […]