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‘My father didn’t die of cardiac arrest, he was institutionally murdered’ — Mukhtar Ansari’s son spills the beans

Even before his death, Mukhtar’s family has been alleging that he was being fed with “slow poison”. The deceased had also petitioned in a trial court in Barabanki through his counsel, alleging the same.    Groundxero | April 5, 2024 By Anwar ST   Ghazipur (Uttar Pradesh): Former MLA Mukhtar Ansari, who represented eastern Uttar Pradesh’s Mau […]

Arrest of Arvind Kejriwal, an act of political vendetta: PUCL

It is no coincidence that 95% of the political leaders targeted by the ED under the Modi government are from the opposition.   Groundxero | March 22, 2024   People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) has condemned the arrest of Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) calling it an example of […]

Uttrakhand Women’s groups reject UCC Bill criminalising constitutional behaviour and introducing moral policing

The Uttarakhand women’s groups and representatives reject the UCC Bill passed by the State Assembly in toto, saying that the Bill criminalises constitutional behaviour, and introduces moral policing.   Groundxero | 7th February, 2024   The Uttarakhand State Legislative Assembly on Wednesday passed the Uniform Civil Code, Uttarakhand, 2024 Bill, becoming the first State in the […]

Coerced Gram Sabhas in Sijimali: A Grave Travesty of Justice

By Groundxero | 10 Dec, 2023   Peasant unions, Adivasi organizations, Trade Unions and social activists in Odisha have issued a joint statement condemning the farce of Gram Sabhas carried out by the Odisha Government in the Sijimali region to hasten the process of bauxite mining for Vedanta Limited.    They have expressed outrage and concern over […]

Public Hearing For Vedanta’s Sijimali Mining Ends Amid Opposition By Villagers

Groundxero Report | 16th October, 2023   Rayagada, Odisha: The public hearing seeking environmental clearance for bauxite mining by Vedanta Limited at Sijimali in Odisha’s Rayagada district concluded on October 16 (Monday) amid massive protests by villagers opposed to the project voicing concerns over the possible adverse impact of mining on local ecology.    The public hearing  was […]

‘Scurrilous’ and ‘Malafide’ Charges Against Farmers’ Movement; SKM Calls Nationwide Protests

Groundxero Report | 8th October, 2023   Samyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) expressed shock at the scurrilous and malafide allegations made against the historic Farmers’ Movement at Delhi, in the FIR lodged by the Special Cell of the Delhi Police against media house Newsclick and several journalists.   On 3rd October, 2023, raids were carried out by the […]

Dalit labourers of Punjab demonstrate relentless spirit in ZPSC’s conference in Shadihari village in Punjab 

A report on a recent conference of dalit agricultural labourers organised by the Zameen Prapti Sangharsh Committee (ZPSC) in Punjab by Harsh Thakor.    Democratic revolutionary spirit touched soaring heights in a conference organised by the Zameen Prapti Sangharsh Committee (ZPSC) on 28th September, in village Shadihari in Sangrur district of Punjab, with around 10,000 […]

We20: A Peoples’ Summit Resolves to Strengthen Efforts to Protect Rights

‘Mother of Democracy’ Fails To Protect Democratic Rights; Delhi Police Cancels the Day 3 proceedings; Summit Vows to Protect People and Nature over Profits     New Delhi, 20.08.23 : The We20: Peoples’ Summit on G20 organised by over 70 organisations from different parts of the country concluded with much vigour and energy, albeit a day […]

“State-Sponsored Violence in Manipur”: National Federation of Indian Women

A three-member team from the National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW), the women-wing of the CPI, visited strife-torn Manipur, conducting assessments of the situation on the ground. NFIW held a press conference in Delhi to address the situation, and raised serious allegations against the BJP state and central Governments, accusing them of State-Sponsored Violence in […]

Stop the violence in Manipur! Civil society groups and concerned individuals condemn the continuing violence in Manipur

Over 550 civil society groups and concerned individuals from across the country come together to condemn the continuing violence in Manipur. They call for an immediate stop to divisive politics by the state and security forces and urge all parties for an immediate ceasefire.   Issuing a statement expressing deep concern about the continuing ethnic […]

People’s Commission Ask Government to Prioritise Safety Over Speed

The People’s Commission on Public Sector and Public Services (PCPSPS) comprising of a group of eminent academics, jurists, erstwhile administrators, trade unionists and social activists, on Thursday, June 8, issued a statement urging the Union government to professionally analyse the factors that lead to railway accidents in order to improve the existing safety systems, and […]

BJP-led Union Government Making Systematic Attempts to Change Character of Civil Services

Over 80 ex-bureaucrats, as part of the Constitutional Conduct Group, have written a letter to President Droupadi Murmu, alleging a “systematic attempt” being made by the BJP-led Union government to “change the character of the civil services”, particularly the IAS and the IPS, who are under tremendous pressure to “show exclusive loyalty” to the Union […]

এ রাহুলের নির্বাসন নয়, গণতন্ত্রের বস্ত্রহরণ পালা

সংসদ থেকে রাহুল গান্ধীর নির্বাসন ভারতীয় সংসদীয় গণতন্ত্রকে উলঙ্গ করে দিয়েছে। বিরোধী দলগুলি এখনও যদি লজ্জা না পায়, প্রতিস্পর্ধী ক্রোধে একযোগে এখনই ফেটে না পড়ে, তবে তারাও মোদীর হস্তিনাপুর থেকে অচিরেই বিতারিত হবে। সেদিন পরনের কৌপীনটুকুও থাকবে না। লিখলেন দেবাশিস আইচ।   তাহলে ‘পাপ্পু’রই সাংসদপদ খারিজ করতে হল! এতটাই দুর্বল বিজেপি? এতটাই দুর্বল মোদী! এতকাল […]

বানের জলে ভাসছে শিলচর, তৃষ্ণার জলের জন্য হাহাকার

বন্যার জলে গৃহবন্দি শিলচর শহর। জল নেই, খাবার নেই, ওষুধ নেই। মোবাইল ইন্টারনেট ব্যবস্থা হয় বিচ্ছিন্ন কিংবা অতি দুর্বল। বানের জলে ইতিউতি ভেসে উঠছে লাশ। সাত দিনের বেশি এই নরকযন্ত্রণা ভোগ করে চলেছেন শিলচরের বাসিন্দা অপরাজিতা দে। শহরের, সহ-নাগরিকদের, এবং নিজের সেই অসীম দুর্দশার কথা গ্রাউন্ডজিরোকে জানালেন তিনি। একটি নাগরিক প্রতিবেদন।        তারিখ ২৫ জুন, […]