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Massive Unemployment and fear of Privatization of Railways is the main reason behind student unrest in Bihar

In the past few days, in the state of Bihar, thousands of angry students and youths took to the streets and blocked railway tracks. Even though, the violent protests, were triggered by irregularities and discrepancies in examination conducted by the Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), the eruption and spread of the spontaneous agitation across the state, […]

Bihar Assembly bypolls : The outcome to impact political alliances in the State

A lot of political developments have taken place in Bihar in the last one month. By-elections in two assembly constituencies will be held in the state on 30 October. The election has laid bare the contradictions in the Grand Alliance between Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and the Congress. The result of the by-election on November […]

Criminalising public protests in Bihar: Nitish Govt’s new circular

In Nitish Kumar’s BJP-backed rule in Bihar, the state police has issued a circular stating, henceforth, no government jobs and contracts will be given to persons booked by the police during staging protests against the government. A report by Anish Ankur.     Nitish Kumar’s current tenure as Chief Minister of Bihar is proving to […]

Tough Times Ahead for Nitish Kumar in Bihar

Nitish Kumar’s latest tenure will be very challenging because he will have to face not only an emboldened block of opposition parties but the restless and angry mood of the people who are no longer prepared to be ruled by old methods, writes Anish Ankur from Patna.   Political drama runs high in Bihar even […]

“We want a change in government so that our children can get employment.”

A GroundXero Report on Bihar Assembly Elections.     The last phase of Bihar’s legislative assembly elections was held today (November 7). GroundXero visited Mahua and Patepur assembly segment where votes were being cast. The Mahua assembly seat was represented by Lalu Prasad Yadav’s older son Tejpratap in the 2015 assembly election, but this year he […]

‘সবার পিছে, সবার নীচে, সবহারাদের মাঝে’ বিধানসভা নির্বাচন, বিহার: কয়েকটি অসম্পূর্ণ সংলাপ 

বিহারে জাতপাতের রাজনীতির বিভিন্ন প্রকারের হোলসেলার আছে। তথাকথিত নিচুজাতির অধিকারের জন্য গড়ে উঠেছে রকমারি রাজনৈতিক দল। ব্রাহ্মণ-ভূমিহার-রাজপুত মৌরসিপাট্টায় আঘাত হানতে নিম্নবর্গের উত্থান ছিল কাম্য। যাদব, কুর্মি ইত্যাদির উত্থান (যথাক্রমে লালু ও নীতীশ রাজের কল্যাণে)হলেও অবশিষ্ট প্রান্তজনের ক্ষেত্রে কয়েকটি নেতা ও তার পরিবার খেয়েছে ক্ষীর। সূর্য এবং তার রোদ্দুর থেকেছে দূরে। রামবাবু বা মুন্নি দেবী বা […]

‘Development didn’t reach us due to our caste’: A Report from Bihar

‘GroundXero’ visited various constituencies which are going to poll on November 3, in the second phase of assembly elections in Bihar. Different localities, mohallas, and communities have different expectations from the political parties. They expect the political parties will raise their issues and concerns. Sometimes their grievances are heard, while most of the time, representatives […]

Changing Dalit politics in the electoral landscape of Bihar

In the 2020 Bihar elections, how Nitish Kumar’s JD (U) confronts the LJP’s challenge is being keenly watched by poll analysts. One question now everyone is asking is, will Chirag Paswan play the same role after the election which his father played during the 2005 assembly election? Ramvilas Paswan’s role in 2005 was instrumental in […]

Bihar flood situation: No lesson learnt from the past 

Bihar is battling on two fronts – the virus and the flood. Lives and livelihoods already battered by the forced lockdown to contain the virus are now being further devastated by the annual flood. Anish Ankur reports from Patna about the flood situation in the state.     The fear of floods has begun haunting […]

Justice Lost In Translation : Araria Arrests Case 

The recent arrest of a gang-rape survivor and her two support-givers in Araria, Bihar, allegedly for contempt of court, had shocked the entire country. A huge public outcry ensured that the rape survivor was granted bail but her two support-giver activists remained in prison. The support givers were granted bail today, by the Honorable Supreme […]

Araria rape survivor arrested for contempt of court granted bail

In a most bizarre and unheard of ruling in Indian judicial history, a 22 year old gang rape survivor and her two associates were remanded to a 14-day judicial custody by a Judicial Magistrate for contempt of court, in Bihar.   Today, while the victim was granted bail on a PR bond, her two social […]

Lightning took more lives than Coronavirus in Bihar 

More people have been killed by lightning strikes than by the Coronavirus in Bihar. Till now 134 people succumbed to Coronavirus infections in the last three and half months while lightning strikes took the lives of more than 200 people across the state in between June 25 to July 12, reports Anish Ankur from Patna.     […]