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Watching the film Sangharsh (struggle) from a sociological viewpoint

Approaching the documentary as a sociological text, Zeeshan Husain discuss what he found to be the most important facets of the Dalit movement portrayed in the film.   Sangharsh, meaning strife, is a film which deals with the Dalit movement in the late 1990s. The film takes place in Kanpur city and nearby villages. The […]

Watching Saffron War Today

Saffron War is a 2011 documentary which focused on the growing communalism in the town of Gorakhpur and nearby areas in the Gorakhpur division. Zeeshan Husain writes about the relevance of the documentary film in the present political scenario.   Saffron War is a 2011 documentary film which focused on the growing communalism in the […]

Where Oppression is Social, Can Salvation be Personal?

A Political Critique of Asuran, A Tamil Movie, by the TNLabour Team. First published in TNLabour.   (Spoiler Alert: there might be discussions that will reveal plot scenes)   Creative work doesn’t merely entertain a weary population but also stimulates our thought, deepens our relationships, and allows us to dream of a better future. In […]

লীলাদি: এক অন্য রাজনৈতিক যাপন” – একটি পাঠ 

মৌসুমী ভৌমিক সম্পাদিত “লীলাদি: এক অন্য রাজনৈতিক যাপন” বইটি একটি গুরুত্বপূর্ণ ঐতিহাসিক দলিল। বইটি আমাদের কাছে ‘চারু মজুমদারের স্ত্রী’ নামের অবশ্যম্ভাবী, অথচ অনাম্নী ছায়াটিকে একটি নাম দেয়, তাঁকে একজন সশরীর ব্যক্তি হিসেবে আমাদের সামনে হাজির করে। কিন্তু, তৎসত্ত্বেও, বইটিতে তেমনভাবে ধরা পড়ল না  লীলাদির নিজস্ব কণ্ঠস্বর, রাজনৈতিক জীবন ও মতামত। লিখেছেন নন্দিনী ধর।      চারু মজুমদারের কোনও […]

Who is playing the ‘Dirty war’ in Kashmir?

  Some months ago ‘Leftword’ published an important book titled ‘The Dirty War in Kashmir’, written by late Kashmiri journalist, Shujat Bukhari. The book is a collection of his reports on Kashmir published in ‘Frontline’  from May 2017, up to his assassination in June 2018.  Although the book came out before the abrogation of Article […]

Everyday State and Society in Modern India: A Review

State evokes awe in the eyes of most social scientists as it is the place where power is legitimised through the usage of rationality. State is something which is ‘above all’, something transcendental, all powerful and appears distant from our usual mundane lives. C.J. Fuller and V. Bénéï take us to a journey where these […]