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Solidarity Marches Held Across Globe to Demand Cease-Fire in Gaza

Organizers held rallies in the U.S., Europe, and Asia to mark Nakba Day and condemn Israel’s bombing and starvation of Palestinian civilians.   By Julia Conley 19 May, 2024   As one United Nations official on Saturday said that “brand new words” are needed to adequately describe the devastation Israel has wrought across Gaza in its U.S.-backed military assault, tens of […]

As Palestine resistance defends Jabalia, people world-wide protest Israeli genocide 

The National Resistance Front of Palestine continues to combat, resist and inflict casualties on Israeli forces in Rafah and Jabalia.   By Harsh Thakor    The genocidal carnage of the State of Israel, patronised by the imperialists, mainly U.S. imperialism, continues. On 12th May, 57 Palestine people were killed and another 82 injured in Israeli […]

Biden Moves Forward With ‘Immoral’ $1 Billion Arms Shipment to Israel

The new shipment was announced “right after the State Department admits Israel has ‘likely’ used U.S.-supplied weapons in violation of humanitarian law,” said one journalist.   By JULIA CONLEY 15 May, 2024   Less than a week after U.S. President Joe Biden said he was pausing a shipment of thousands of bombs to Israel, citing concerns […]

India Palestine Solidarity Forum Condemns the Escalation of the Genocidal War on Gaza

Statement by India Palestine Solidarity Forum and Indian citizens in solidarity with Palestine, condemning the escalation of the genocidal war on Gaza by Israel with their invasion of Rafah and military takeover of border crossings hindering access to humanitarian aid to Palestinians, and the brutal clampdown on Palestinian protestors.   INDIA PALESTINE SOLIDARITY FORUM (IPSF) […]

Israel’s Willing Executioners

Hundreds of thousands of people are being forced to flee, once again, after more than half of Gaza’s population took sanctuary in the border town of Rafah. This is part of Israel’s sadistic playbook.   By Chris Hedges May 13, 2024   Run, the Israelis demand, run for your lives. Run from Rafah the way […]

Universities as part of the Empire

As part of the Empire, the Universities establish a strong control over the production and consumption of “knowledge” that is sanitized from the need for human liberation. And yet, in this choke hold, history presents junctures that have the potential of changing the consciousness of the masses, and we are living through one such juncture. […]

The Nation’s Conscience

The courageous stance of students across the country in defiance of genocide is accompanied by a near total blackout of their voices. Their words are the ones we most need to hear.   By Chris Hedges May 8, 2024   NEW YORK CITY: I am sitting on a fire escape across the street from Columbia University […]

Hundreds of Jewish Students Affirm Support for Campus Protests to Stop Gaza Genocide

The Jewish students’ open letter—which circulated as U.S. President Joe Biden again linked campus encampments to antisemitism—urges institutions of higher learning to “take immediate action” to stop Israel’s Gaza genocide.   Groundxero | May 8, 2024   Against the backdrop of U.S. President Joe Biden’s Capitol Hill speech marking Holocaust Remembrance Day  condemning antisemitism, hundreds of Jewish students […]

Israel order Al Jazeera to shut down, raids its offices in Jerusalem

To silence Al Jazeera from reporting on its atrocities in Gaza, Benjamin Netanyahu Government issues an order to close down the network in Israel    Groundxero | May 5, 2024   Israel’s Cabinet on May 5 banned Al Jazeera, the Qatar-based satellite news network—the sole international media outlet providing 24/7 live coverage from Gaza—from operating in […]

Israel’s settler-colonial plan of colonizing Gaza being resisted worldwide

At a time when the massacres and crimes committed by the Zionist-imperialist alliance continue and escalate, Palestinian people, especially people in the Gaza Strip, write a new page of heroism and miracles each day.   By Harsh Thakor May 4, 2024   The State of Israel, patronised by imperialists, mainly U.S. imperialism, continues its genocidal […]

What students protesting Israel’s Gaza siege want — and how their demands on divestment fit into the BDS movement

A wave of protests expressing solidarity with the Palestinian people is spreading across college and university campuses in U.S. and beyond. What students protesting Israel’s Gaza siege want — and how their demands on divestment fit into the BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) movement?   By Mira Sucharov, Carleton University   A wave of protests expressing […]

Nearly All 600,000 Kids in Rafah ‘Injured, Sick, Malnourished,’ Says UNICEF

A full-scale Israeli assault on the crowded southern Gaza city “would bring catastrophe on top of catastrophe for children.”   By JESSICA CORBETT May 02, 2024 “The children in Gaza need a cease-fire.”   That’s how Catherine Russell, executive director of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), concluded a brief video Wednesday about the harrowing conditions across the […]

Israel Kills Daughter, Infant Grandson of Slain Palestinian Poet Refaat Alareer

“I have beautiful news for you. I wish I could tell you in person. Do you know you have just become a grandfather?” Shaima Alareer wrote to her slain father before she, her baby, and her husband were killed.   By BRETT WILKINS Apr 29, 2024   The daughter, infant grandson, and son-in-law of Refaat Alareer—the […]

Sermon for Gaza

This is a sermon I gave Sunday April 28 at a service held at the encampment for Gaza at Princeton University. The service was organized by students from Princeton Theological Seminary.   By CHRIS HEDGES 28 April, 2024   In the conflicts I covered as a reporter in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and the […]