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CASR Demands Release of Chhattisgarh Adivasi Leader Sarju Tekam

CASR strongly condemns the arrest of adivasi leader Sarju Tekam under UAPA and Arms Act, demands immediate withdrawal of the false cases against him and his unconditionally release.   Groundxero | April 3, 2024   Chhattisgarh police on Tuesday arrested tribal leader, Sarju Tekam, for being a ‘Naxalite sympathizer’ and booked him under Unlawful Activities Prevention […]

আদিবাসী নারীদের লড়াই বনাধিকারের, নারী অধিকারেরও

গত ৬ মার্চ কলকাতায় পশ্চিমবঙ্গের বনগ্রামভাগুলির সংগ্রামী গ্রামসভাসমূহের ডাকে যে আলোচনা সভা আয়োজিত হয় সেখানে মহিলা কর্মীদের উপস্থিতি ছিল চোখে পড়ার মতো। সেখানেই কয়েক জন সক্রিয় নারীকর্মীর সঙ্গে কথা বলার সূত্রে উঠে এল সমাজের দৃষ্টিভঙ্গি, নারীর অধিকারের লড়াই, সরকারের কাছে দাবি এবং অবশ্যই বনাধিকার আইন ২০০৬ লাগু করার দাবি। সুদর্শনা চক্রবর্তীর প্রতিবেদন।     কোভিড-পরবর্তী […]

Villagers Appeal To Cancel Public Hearing of Vedanta’s Bauxite Mining in Sijimali And Kutramali, Odisha

Groundxero Report | 12th October, 2023   On 11 October, 2023,  about 80 men and women from Sijimali and Kutramali areas of Kashipur block in Odisha managed to escape security forces surrounding their villages by climbing mountains through forest routes, caught bus and train and reached Bhubaneswar, and narrated how the Rayagada police and district administration has […]

Lawyers Petition Odisha Governor to Halt Public Hearing for the Sijimali Bauxite Project

25 September 2023   A public hearing has been announced for Vedanta’s bauxite mining project in South Odisha after intense repression of villagers and activists opposing the project for over one month. The Sijimali Bauxite Mining Project spreads over both Thuamal Rampur block in Kalahandi District and Kashipur block in Raygada District. It is shocking […]

UAPA Foisted on Leaders, Activists and Supporters of Niyamgiri Surakhya Samiti 

Groundxero : 12 August, 2023   The Odisha police have lodged an FIR and brought in charges under various sections of the draconian anti-terror UAPA, against the leaders and supporters of Niyamgiri Surakhya Samiti (NSS). On 5th August, two activists of NSS namely, Krushna Sikaka (village Patangpadar) and Bari Sikaka (village Lakhpadar) were forcibly abducted by […]

KISS-World Anthropology Congress: Anthropologists in Service of a New Master

In light of the controversy that has erupted over Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS), hosting the world anthropology congress 2023, a few activists which includes indigenous community members,  examine the ideology and cultural assumptions that dictate the pedagogical function schools like KISS perform and reproduce in the name of providing free education to children […]

Union Govt’s attempts to include non-tribals in ST list in Jammu & Kashmir

26th July, 2023: While the nation is already reeling under the tensions in Manipur and the North-East, there is another major crisis brewing in Jammu and Kashmir. This relates to the Union Govt’s politically-motivated proposal to place a Bill for discussion in the ongoing monsoon session of Parliament, for granting Scheduled Tribe status to the ‘Pahadi’ and certain […]

বিদ্রোহের শেষ নেই

আজ একই ভাবে, আরও ভয়ঙ্কর পাটোয়ারি বুদ্ধির জোরে বনের অধিকার কেড়ে নিতে, বন-পাহাড় বড় বড় ব্যবসায়ীদের হাতে তুলে দেওয়ার জন্য আদিবাসী সহায়ক পরিবেশ, বন সংক্রান্ত আইনগুলি কীভাবে দুর্বল, নিষ্ক্রিয় করে তোলা যায় তার সমস্ত রকম প্রস্তুতি চালাচ্ছে কেন্দ্রীয় সরকার। সরকার, কর্পোরেটই আজ জমিদার, মহাজনের ভূমিকা নিয়েছে। আর দিকে দিকে বাংলা, ঝাড়খণ্ড, ওড়িশা, মধ্যপ্রদেশ, ছত্তীসগঢ়ের আদিবাসী […]

‘All India Tribal Forum’ formed to unite tribal struggles and raise their issues

21 May, 2023   An one-day All India Tribal Convention was held today at Visakhapatnam. Over 600 delegates from 11 states engaged in the struggle of the tribals participated in the convention. The convention organised in the backdrop of rising attacks on the tribal communities resolved to form an ‘All India Tribal Forum’ to fight […]

Grave Adivasi Rights Violations, even as PM ‘celebrates’ 50 years of ‘Project Tiger’

An All-India Fact-Finding Team observes grave violations of Adivasi rights in Nagarahole Tiger Reserve, even as PM ‘celebrates’ 50 years of ‘Project Tiger’. It calls for immediate measures to uphold rights of Adivasis as per law and end evictions, intimidation and violence. In an interim statement, the team called the  ‘Celebrations’ – a cruel way […]

“Roko, Toko, Thoko” – A report on the violence against the Church‐going Adivasi Community in Bastar, Chhattisgarh

A Brief Report on the violence against the Church‐going Adivasi Community of Narayanpur and Kondagaon in Bastar (Chhattisgarh) by Chhattisgarh Bachao Andolan.   Chhattisgarh Bachao Andolan 1.12.2023   Summary A six‐member team of CBA1 visited the church‐going community2 of Narayanpur and Kondagaon on  24 December, 2022, who had been driven out of their traditional villages […]