SKM demands SC monitored SIT to probe Electoral Bond Scam

  • April 8, 2024

The SKM has appealed to the farmers to campaign among the people for Supreme Court monitored SIT to probe Electoral Bond Scam, and demand prosecution of PM Modi, key cabinet members and BJP leadership.


Groundxero | April 8, 2024


The Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) in a press release said that the revelations after the Supreme Court verdict making the Electoral Bond Scheme illegal have proved, the Modi Government and BJP made corporate corruption lawful and enabled the corporate houses both domestic and foreign to dictate the policy of governance. The revelations also expose the pro-corporate Farm Laws, denial of MSP@C2+50%, no loan waiver to farmers, the privatization of the public sector all were the outcome of this corporate dominance on policy making.


Citing the example of Ambani owned Reliance group who assets have increased from Rs.1, 67,000 crore in 2014 to Rs. 8,03, 000 crore in 2023, SKM said that ‘Ache Din’ is only for the corporate houses and their intermediaries — the top 10% of the people who have access to wealth. SKM pointed that though the agrarian crisis is getting intensified, the Modi Government has denied MSP@C2+50% to farmers.


Electoral Bonds Revealed Corporate Control on Governance – lead to Enactment of 3 Farm Acts, 4 Labour Codes and Large Scale Privatization of Public Sector


The press statement alleged that though 1,00,474 farmers and 3,12,214 daily wage workers – total 4,12,688 persons – have committed suicide during 2014-2022, the Modi Government did not provide debt relief of a single rupee to farmer and farm worker households, while, as per the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) data, scheduled commercial Banks have written off an aggregate corporate loan amount of Rs. 14.55 lakh crore during the last nine finance years i.e. from FY 2014-15 to FY 2022-23.


14.55 lakh crore loans of corporate houses written off, no debt relief to farmers tells corporate favoritism


The joint platform of farmer unions said that the electoral bond scam has exposed BJP as the most corrupt political party and the main beneficiary of electoral bond scam. SKM also alleged that the ED, CBI and other investigation agencies have been used to extort money from corporate companies. It pointed out that if the Supreme Court had forced the SBI to release Electoral Bond data in public the fact that BJP has taken Rs.55 crore from Sarath Chandra Reddy of Aurobindo pharma, the main accused in the Delhi liquor case will not have come to light.


In the extra ordinary situation currently prevailing, with investigation agencies like ED and CBI being used for extortion, SKM has appealed farmers to campaign among the people for a SC monitored SIT to probe the Electoral Bond Scam, and demand prosecution of PM Modi, key Cabinet Members and BJP leadership.


The statement added:

The country is facing an extraordinary situation with the ruling party itself shattering the rule of law, investigation agencies facing allegations of extortion thus, lost the public trust and the Prime Minister and the ruling party has taken the benefit of corporate corruption to the highest levels as never before. The prime minister could not investigate his own administration. Hence SKM demands a Special Investigation Team with retired administrators appointed and the investigation be monitored by the Supreme Court.


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