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Who Killed Jia Lal?

Jia Lal, who was among the 13 Maruti workers sentenced to life imprisonment in Bhondsi Jail, Gurgaon, under the alleged charge of attempt to murder of a Maruri official, passed away on June 4. Though he was suffering from cancer, his imprisonment and death illustrate a painful example of how the corporate- state nexus joins […]

পূর্ণ ক্রোধের শোভা

  দশটি কেন্দ্রীয় ট্রেড ইউনিয়নগুলির ডাকে ও অন্যান্য নানা শ্রমিক সংগঠন সমূহের সহযোগিতায় ২৬ নভেম্বর ২০২০ দেশ জুড়ে শ্রমিক-কৃষকদের মিছিল ও সভা রাজ্যে-রাজ্যে পথ দখল করে নিল। চারটি লেবার কোড বিল, তিনটি কৃষি আইন, রেল ও অন্যান্য নানা সরকারি পরিষেবার বেসরকারিকরণ, নতুন শিক্ষা নীতি, স্বাস্থ্য ব্যবস্থার শোচনীয় অবস্থা – বিশেষত করোনাভাইরাসের পরিপ্রেক্ষিতে, গণতান্ত্রিক অধিকারের বিরুদ্ধে […]

Deepening Crisis of Olanomics: “The Dream Has Failed”

Few days back, Kolkata Uber and Ola drivers and operators withdrew their vehicles in the middle of the peak holiday season, protesting against severe financial crisis caused due to the predatory business policies of these companies. Many cab drivers burst into spontaneous militant protests across various parts of the city, preventing other cabs from operating. […]

Fadnavis Government’s use of UAPA to crush the Reliance workers’ movement

A wave of repression has been unleashed on trade union movement through the use of laws like UAPA. In December 2017, Mazdoor Sangathan Samiti (MSS), a registered trade union, which has been working among thousands of tribal workers in Jharkhand, was banned without any satisfactory inquiry. MSS leaders Bachcha Singh, Deepak Kumar and activist Damodar […]

Victim Of Undeclared Emergency, Reliance Workers Arrested Under UAPA Still In Jail

On 12 January, 2018, nearly two weeks after the Bhima Koregoan Elgaar Parishad in Pune, the ATS of Mumbai police arrested five workers belonging to the Reliance Energy, accusing them of having Maoists links. The arrests, under UAPA, hardly attracted any media attention, unlike the later arrests in June and August of lawyers, professors and […]

Strike Demanding Workers’ Dignity continues in Yamaha

Auto manufacturers in the Oragadam belt, near Chennai, including Yamaha and Royal Enfield, and a few auto ancillary units are witnessing a labour protest for past few days. While the workers are determined in forming unions to fight for their rights, the management are steadfast in their opposition to this. At the Yamaha Motor India’s […]

Workers and working class organizations protest against the assault on Thoothukudi working class

This report is reproduced from tnlabour.in. The original article can be found here. Workers and workers’ organizations across Tamilnadu rallied against the brutal police action against ‘anti sterlite’ protests in Thoothukudi that left 13 killed and injured scores of people. Workers from MRF, TI Metal, Dongsan, Bhadra, IT workers, agricultural labourers, fish workers are few […]