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The Role of the Supreme Court on the Issue of Migrant Workers

Millions of migrant workers in India are walking miles under the searing sun to reach their home during the lockdown. This is certainly one of the most lamentable humanitarian crises the modern world has witnessed. The failure of the Supreme Court of India (SC) to step in and secure for its citizens their basic human […]

The Violence of ‘Collective Conscience’

At a time when our collective conscience is being shaped more and more through media trials and WhatsApp forwards, when right wing regimes are generating fake news to suit their narratives, when videos of lynchings and encounter killings are doing the rounds to accustom people to the idea of state violence, when media representations are […]

৩৫এ ধারা – ইতিহাস ও রাজনীতি: পর্ব ২

২০১৯-এর বিপুল নির্বাচনী সাফল্যের পর ভারত-কাশ্মীর সম্পর্কের মূল স্তম্ভ ৩৭০ এবং ৩৫এ ধারাদুটি রদ করার পরিকল্পনা করছে মোদী সরকার। গৃহমন্ত্রী অমিত শাহ সংসদে তাঁর ভাষণে দ্ব্যর্থহীন ভাষায় তা ঘোষণাও করেছেন। এই রাজনৈতিক প্রেক্ষিতে, কাশ্মীরের ‘বিশেষ সাংবিধানিক স্বীকৃতি’ সংক্রান্ত আইনগুলির ইতিহাস, সাংবিধানিক বৈধতা এবং কাশ্মীরি স্বায়ত্তশাসনের ক্ষেত্রে তাদের প্রাসঙ্গিকতা-সহ নানা বিষয় নিয়ে আমাদের এই তিন পর্বের […]

Indian Democracy is under Threat, and its Watchdogs are not even Squeaking

The ongoing 2019 elections have already marked a watershed moment in the history of Indian parliamentary democracy. Big democracies across the world are on the verge of neo-fascist takeovers, and India is no exception to this trend, with its “Viraat Hindu” leader brazenly violating multiple laws and codes established by the Constitution in order to […]

India’s domestic surgical strike on 11 lakh Adivasi families

The Forest Rights Act was enacted in 2006 by the first UPA Government. MoEF Jairam Ramesh, after lengthy bargainings and consultations with rights groups and NGOs, agreed to pass the bill, mostly out of electoral compulsions and as a means to check the rise of radical left forces among Adivasis. Corporations with direct business interests […]

‘Upper Caste Quota Bill’: An Attempt to Erase a Long History

In order to decide the meaning of ‘Economic Backwardness’, Modi Government set up no Commission, or undertake any comprehensive study across the country, unlike what the apex court had stipulated in the Indra Sawhney case (1992). But the present arbitrariness of a blanket 8 lakh per annum slab for economic backwardness for the ‘forward classes’ […]

‘Upper Caste Quota Bill’: What is New and What is Not

On the day when millions of workers across the country struck for Minimum Wage, the Parliament almost unanimously passed the 124th Constitution Amendment Bill, introducing reservation for the socially and educationally forward classes. Coming to be called the ‘Upper Caste Quota Bill’ in common parlance, this Bill is being seen as Modi Government’s last minute […]

#2018: The Constitution and its Institutions face Intensified Attacks

GroundXero was launched on 14th April this year, on Dr. B.R.Ambedkar’s birth anniversary, and looking forward to the Bengali new year that begun the next day. As 2018 in the Gregorian calendar draws to a close, we present some brief snapshots of the year that has been. For this first post in a series, we […]

LGBTQI Community in Kolkata Celebrates Abolition of 377 with Protests

Even as members of the LGBTQI community in Kolkata cheered the court verdict, a section from the community took a political stand against the recent arrests of human right activists under the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA). Panchali Kar reports for GroundXero.   The bell finally rang on 6th of September, 2018, sharp at 11:40 am. A […]

“ভালোবাসার জয়”

সমলৈঙ্গিক ট্রান্সজেন্ডার দ্বিলৈঙ্গিক ও কুইয়ার সম্পর্কবিরোধী কালাকানুন ৩৭৭ কে “অসাংবিধানিক” রায় দিল সুপ্রীম কোর্ট। দীর্ঘ সময়ব্যাপী গণ আন্দোলনের সামনে পিতৃতান্ত্রিক রাষ্ট্র কাঠামোর এই নতজানু হতে বাধ্য হওয়া বিশ্বের বৃহত্তম গণতন্ত্রের জন্য ঐতিহাসিক মুহূর্ত। কিন্তু আইনি লড়াইয়ে জিত হাসিল হলেও সমাজ বদলের, মানসিকতা বদলের কঠিন লড়াই এখনো বাকি। লিখছেন তৃষ্ণিকা ভৌমিক।   “কাঁদছি। কী বলবো বুঝতে […]

Reservation for SC/STs only in home state, says Supreme Court

In a landmark judgment passed on 31st August, the Supreme Court ruled that caste and tribe-based reservation will be limited to the home state and union territory. “A person notified as a Scheduled Caste in State ‘A’ cannot claim the same status in another state on the basis that he is declared a Scheduled Caste […]