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What the present days mean to Kashmiri women

With ‘normalcy’ slowly limping back to Kashmir after around seven long months, the ghosts of what has been happening and what recently happened in Kashmir will continue to haunt the women of Kashmir. The women here not only deal with the societal issues, but also get an ever-rising share of grief due to the conflict, […]

Remembering Kunan Poshpora

Twenty-nine years have passed since the residents of the twin villages of the Kupwara district in Kashmir — Kunan and Poshpora — were subjected to mass rape and torture within the walls of their own homes by the Indian armed forces. With no substantial development in their entreaty for justice against their alleged rape and […]

কুনান পোষপোরায় মহিলাদের উপর গণধর্ষণের বিচার আজও হয়নি

কেটে গেছে ২৯ বছর। কাশ্মীরের কুনান পোষপরা-য় ভারতীয় সেনার হাতে ধর্ষিত নারীদের অপমানের ক্ষত শোকায়নি। একটি গ্রাউন্ডজিরো প্রতিবেদন।   ২৩শে ফেব্রুয়ারি তারিখটি ভারতের কাছে দেশ হিসাবে লজ্জার। এখনও সেই লজ্জায় মাথা নীচু থাকা উচিৎ। অবশ্য পুরুষতান্ত্রিক যে রাষ্ট্র তার শোষন, নিপীড়নের হাতিয়ার হিসাবে বারেবারেই ধর্ষণ ও নির্মম অত্যাচারকেই বেছে নেয়, তার সরকারের চেহারা বদলালেও চরিত্র […]

Remembering GawKadal Massacre in Srinagar, Kashmir.

January 21, 2020 marks the thirtieth anniversary of the GawKadal Massacre in Srinagar, Kashmir, when more than 50 persons were killed, and about 200 were injured, as the CRPF opened fire on a group of peaceful protestors. Some, eye-witness accounts say, people jumped into the river Jhelum to save themselves from the firing. It was […]

Who is playing the ‘Dirty war’ in Kashmir?

  Some months ago ‘Leftword’ published an important book titled ‘The Dirty War in Kashmir’, written by late Kashmiri journalist, Shujat Bukhari. The book is a collection of his reports on Kashmir published in ‘Frontline’  from May 2017, up to his assassination in June 2018.  Although the book came out before the abrogation of Article […]

Kashmiri students in Aligarh Muslim University decline Yogi Adityanath’s “photo-op” invitation  

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh invited 40 Kashmiri students from Aligarh Muslim University, as part of an initiative to purportedly create awareness about the Centre’s decision to remove Article 370 and address any misconceptions. Since the Abrogation of Article 370 Kashmir has been under complete lockdown. Kashmiris staying in India are unable to contact […]

On Hindutva’s Quest of Kashmir and the Politics of Article 370 – Part Two

In a 2-part series, Bilal Majid writes about the politics around Article 370, and the Hindutva design of capturing Kashmir. In this part, the author discusses the history of Hindutva vis-a-vis Kashmir as a whole. The first part dealt with the politics around Article 370 and can be read here.   Lies, deception, distortions, and […]

On Hindutva’s Quest of Kashmir and the Politics of Article 370: Part One

In a 2-part series, Bilal Majid writes about the politics around Article 370, and the Hindutva design of capturing Kashmir. This first part deals with the politics around Article 370. In a subsequent account, the author goes into the history of Hindutva vis-a-vis Kashmir as a whole.   William James (1842-1910) once remarked, “Whenever you’re […]

Statement on Concerns about Public Health Situation in Jammu and Kashmir

Yesterday, several health activists, practitioners, networks, academics and other individuals issued an open statement on health crisis currently in Kashmir, following abrogation of Article 370, and the clamp down on transport and all means of communications.   “The purpose of this statement is to highlight the health situation and to demand the immediate restoration of […]

কারাবন্দি কাশ্মীর: “স্বাভাবিকত্ব” না “শ্মশান-স্তব্ধতা”?

“The siege is a waiting period Waiting on the tilted ladder In the middle of the storm” -Mahmoud Darwish   কাশ্মীর উপত্যকায় রাষ্ট্র-প্রবর্তিত গণ-শ্বাসরোধী স্তব্ধতাকে স্বাভাবিক অবস্থা বলে ভুয়ো প্রচার করে চলেছে সংবাদমাধ্যম।   কাশ্মীরের মানুষ গলা চড়িয়ে যন্ত্রণায় আর্তনাদ করে উঠতে চায়। এক দমবন্ধ করা ভয়ে তারা নিশ্চুপ। সারা কাশ্মীর যেন এক তীব্র শোকের […]

“EID Away From Home”

“The truth is, our conversations, our efforts to create solidarity, and even our protests, today, exist in enclosures. The ones we have created, over the years. The ones in whose construction we have been complicit in, over the years. It is up to us to try and break them,”  writes Pinki Saha.   There are […]

বাকস্বাধীনতা মাথায় থাক, জীবনেরও অধিকার নেই কারাগার-কাশ্মীরে।

একটি রাজ্যকে তার সাংবিধানিক অধিকার কেড়ে নিয়ে কেন্দ্রশাসিত অঞ্চলে নামিয়ে আনা হল, ভেঙে দু’টুকরো করে দেওয়া হল, এমনকী অন্যতম অংশ লাদাখে কোনও বিধানসভা থাকবে না অর্থাৎ দেশের মধ্যে লাদাখের মানুষের কোনও নির্বাচিত জনপ্রতিনিধি থাকবে না— নেওয়া হল এমনও সিদ্ধান্ত। কিন্তু, সে বিষয়ে মতামত প্রকাশের অধিকারই নেই কাশ্মীরের, কাশ্মীরি আমজনতা থেকে বিদ্বজ্জনদের, সংবাদমাধ্যমের। লিখছেন দেবাশিস আইচ।   […]

J&K Students turn down Eid Lunch invitations by Indian University Authorities

On Wednesday, Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik had announced that Rs 1 lakh each has been given to designated liaison officers “for organising Eid festivities for students from the state who are studying in other states” and are unable to come home on the occasion of Eid amid military clampdown in the Valley. […]

Protest meet against abrogation of Article 370 attacked by Bajrang Dal goons

Right wing forces in Patna have attacked a peaceful  protest organised against the abrogation of Article 370, which until recently accorded special status to Jammu and Kashmir. A GroundXero report.    On 5 July, a protest meeting was organised at Kargil Chowk, Gandhi Maidan at 5 PM under the banner of Nagrik Pahal, consisting of […]

Kashmiri Students in Mumbai Have Not Spoken to their Parents for a Week Now

On Wednesday, several Left and Democratic groups in Mumbai, including the CPI, CPI(M), DYFI, Janata Dal (Secular), and the Jammu and Kashmir Students’ Association Mumbai organised a meeting at Azad Maidan, Mumbai, protesting the scrapping of Articles 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution, violation of the statehood of Jammu & Kashmir, and the unprecedented […]