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Call for roll back of decision to supply artificial Vitamin-C laced rice in Malkangiri

The Odisha government has initiated a measure to supply rice laced with Vitamin-C to eradicate malnutrition among the adivasi population in Malkangiri district. The state government has signed an agreement with a New Delhi-based company which will mix Vitamin C in the rice to be distributed through PDS. Today, All-India People’s Organizations wrote to the Chief Minister […]

Human Rights Body admits Dongria Kondh youth of Niyamgiri was killed in a fake encounter

The Odisha Human Rights Commission (OHRC), on Thursday, after conducting an enquiry, in a report said that Manda Kadraka, a Dongria Kondh youth of Niyamgiri, who was killed during an encounter by the security personnel, in Rayagada district of Odisha on 27 February, 2016, was not a ‘Maoist’. The OHRC report corroborates what the victim’s […]

Resisting Dispossession: The Odisha Story

‘Resisting dispossession: The Odisha Story’ is a book written by Nigamananda Sadangi and Ranjana Padhi on people’s movements in Odisha, published in India by Aakar Books. It documents the struggles, based on testimonials of the people who lost their land, livelihood, culture, dignity as well as lives of their relatives, friends and members of their community […]

Protest against Odisha Govt’s ecotourism project in Niyamgiri

GroundXero news report 4th October, 2020   Today, a meeting was held at Arishakani village of Kurli GP in Niyamgiri hills in Odisha to protest against a Government tourism project in Niyamgiri.   The meeting was organised under the leadership of Lataka Pusika, a Pusika clan leader and owner of the land where the project is […]

32 Adivasi families in Odisha remain under open sky

The lockdown to contain Covid19 outbreak announced on March 24, impacted a large section of the country’s marginalised and vulnerable population/s including tribal and forest communities. The 32 Adivasi families in Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary, located in Odisha, whose houses were demolished by the forest department on 24th April, 2020, remain without shelter and have been living […]

Odisha Government’s relentless persecution of Adivasis continues even during the Lockdown

An Adivasi village demolished by the Forest Department in Odisha during the ongoing lockdown, leaves at least 32 families without any shelter, reports Surya Shankar Dash.     The Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Odisha and at a distance of about 15 km from Bhawanipatna, the district headquarter. The Khandualmali hill range located in the forest is […]

COVID-19: Odisha Mining Companies Profit at the Cost of Adivasi Dalit Lives 

While the COVID-19 virus continues to make its way through the population, infecting larger numbers of individuals every day, the Adivasi Dalit communities of Odisha are at great risk due to the state government’s decision to allow mining activities and continue operations in mineral production factories across Odisha, writes Surya Shankar Dash.     Asurpada, […]

State Terror Continues unabated in Niyamgiri hills, 5 Activists Arrested

In a latest crackdown, five activists from the Niyamgiri Suraksha Samiti were arrested by Odisha Police yesterday, in continuation of brutal repression on the anti-mining struggle by Vedanta and the Naveen Patnaik Government. A report by Surya Shankar Dash.   On the morning of 24th July ’19, Niyamgiri Suraksha Samiti (NSS) activists Jilu Majhi, Tunguru […]