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‘A Year After Thoothukudi Burned’ – A report

On May 22, 2018, Tamil Nadu police opened fire on thousands of people demonstrating against the expansion of Sterlite’s copper smelter plant in Thoothukudi. The residents were protesting against the Vedanta owned unit accusing it of causing severe environmental pollution in the entire region. One year after the violent incident in which 18 persons were shot dead and scores […]

Activists Allege State-Corporate Nexus as Environmental Activist S. Mugilan goes Missing

 A report by Rajat Thakur.   Left organisations, human rights activists, and environmentalists organised a press conference urging the Tamil Nadu government to ensure the safe return of environmental activist S. Mugilan, who went ‘missing’ on 15th February. Mugilan allegedly went missing after a press conference where he accused the police of orchestrating violence in Thoothukudi during […]

Protestors in Thoothukudi were Shot to Kill, say Autopsy reports

After the recent order of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) recommending the opening of Vedanta’s copper smelting plant in Thoothukudi, a report by Reuters has once again brought the issue of police brutality to the forefront. It claims that 12 of the 13 protestors killed when police opened fire on a demonstration in May 2018 […]

Workers and working class organizations protest against the assault on Thoothukudi working class

This report is reproduced from tnlabour.in. The original article can be found here. Workers and workers’ organizations across Tamilnadu rallied against the brutal police action against ‘anti sterlite’ protests in Thoothukudi that left 13 killed and injured scores of people. Workers from MRF, TI Metal, Dongsan, Bhadra, IT workers, agricultural labourers, fish workers are few […]