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Indian prisons becoming virus hotspots, 43 inmates tested positive in Berhampur Jail

As India struggles to contain the exponential rise in the spread of the Coronavirus, several prisons across the country are becoming hotspots of infections, putting the lives of prisoners including the under-trails and staff to grave risk. A Groundxero report.    Recently, Assam’s Guwahati Central Jail and Nagpur Central Jail in Maharashtra were in the […]

Immediately release Varavara Rao who has tested positive for COVID-19

Release Varavara Rao immediately! Condemn the State’s blatant and callous disregard for the health of the 80-year-old revolutionary poet! Demand the release of all political prisoners!   The 80 year old poet and political activist Varavara Rao was today shifted to the Saint George Hospital after he tested positive for Coronavirus. Civil society and human right groups have […]

Romila Thapar and others appeals to Govt. and NIA to transfer Varavara Rao to JJ hospital

Historian Romila Thapar, economist Prabhat Patnaik and other petitioners in the Supreme Court case appeal to the Maharashtra Govt and NIA to facilitate hospitalisation and provide proper treatment to Varavara Rao.    IMMEDIATE TRANSFER TO A HOSPITAL AND PROMPT TREATMENT FOR VARAVARA RAO   According to press reports and the statement of his family, the […]

14 MP request Uddhav Thackeray to provide urgent medical attention to Varavara Rao

On 19th June 2020, 14 members of Indian Parliament, issued a Press Statement addressed to CM of Maharashtra, Mr. Uddhav Thackeray. In the signed statement, the 14 Parliamentarians expressed their concern about the rapidly deteriorating health condition of Varavara Rao and requested the Maharashtra CM to provide him the necessary and urgent medical attention by moving […]

When Judicial Process itself becomes a Punishment

The dictum of ‘natural justice’ that not a single innocent should be punished – is vanishing into thin air in gathering gales of fascism. Professor GN Saibaba is fighting death languishing in a dark and dingy cell, unable to procure legitimate medical requirements. Thousands of Adivasis are rotting behind the high walls of prison. While […]