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Away From The Public Eye, Thousands Of Prison Deaths Every Year

Prison conditions remain underreported while thousands die in prisons every year. A Groundxero report.   Lack of information about prison conditions   Prison conditions are a rarely reported subject in the mainstream media in India, even though thousands of inmates die in prison every year and the prison population is increasing every year as per […]

Women in Resistance, Women in Prison: A Public Hearing in Delhi

The All India Union of Forest Working People and Delhi Solidarity Group organized a public hearing at the Constitution Club of India to talk about the increasing incarceration of women, the prison conditions, and the targeting of women from specific communities. Women spoke of their experiences in prisons across the country, from Tamil Nadu to […]

Harsher Punishments and Retributive Criminal Justice

It was the ‘democratic’ post-emergency Janata Party government which started the trend of long prison sentences that continues to this day. Writes Arun Ferreira and Vernon Gonsalves. June-July is the season for Emergency Politics in India. At this time every year, around the anniversary of Indira Gandhi’s Emergency proclamation of 25th June 1975, politicos of various […]