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মনে হয় যেন নির্বাসনে আছি — সুধা ভরদ্বাজ

সুধা ভরদ্বাজ একজন স্বনামধন্য সমাজ ও মানবাধিকার কর্মী। বিগত তিন দশক ধরে তিনি মূলত ছত্তীশগঢ়ের আদিবাসী অধ্যুষিত অঞ্চলে, আদিবাসীদের  অধিকার নিয়ে কাজ করেছেন। একজন আইনজীবী হিসেবে তিনি আদিবাসী এবং দলিত শ্রমিকদের অধিকার রক্ষার জন্য, বা মাওবাদী সন্দেহে অভিযুক্ত  এবং নিগৃহীত নিরপরাধ আদিবাসী ও অন্যান্য বন্দিদের হয়ে আইনি লড়াই চালিয়ে গিয়েছেন। ২৮ আগস্ট, ২০১৮-এ ভীমা কোরেগাঁও—এলগার […]

Hackers planted evidence on Father Stan Swamy’s computer, says new report.

13 December 2022 Press Release   Father Stan Swamy was arrested, incarcerated, and died based on fabricated evidence, new forensic report shows. The Arsenal Consulting, an internationally renowned digital forensic firm in its recent report states that digital evidence used to arrest senior human rights defender Father Stan Swamy in the Bhima-Koregaon case was planted […]

When the Process becomes the Punishment

  PEOPLE’S UNION FOR DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS  13 April 2022   When the Process becomes the Punishment   14th April 2022 marks the completion of two years of PUDR activist Gautam Navlakha’s surrender before the NIA. One of sixteen accused in the infamous Bhima Koregaon case, Gautam has been imprisoned in Taloja Central Jail, Navi Mumbai since […]

System of solitary confinement, ‘Anda Cell’, inside the jail be stopped

Some of the human rights activists arrested in the Bhima Koregaon case have been sent to solitary confinement in Taloja Central Jail, Maharashtra. Solitary confinement, better known as ‘Anda Cell’, is generally presumed as punishment. How an undertrial can be given such punishment without judicial instructions? A press release by GASS (Odisha) demanding a stop […]

Release Sudha Bhardwaj And Others Framed In Bhima Koregaon Case  

Friends and family members of Sudha Bhardwaj demand an immediate time-bound investigation by an independent technical committee into the claims made by Arsenal Consulting in its second report reaffirming the planting of ‘incriminating documents’ into Rona Wilson’s (a co-accused in the case) computer through use of an external malware. In a press release they said that […]

Opposition Leaders, Civil Society denounce arrest of Stan Swamy and other activists in Bhima Koregaon case

Report of the Virtual Press Conference held on 21st October, 2020 organised by the PUCL All the civil society representatives and political leaders unequivocally condemned the Bhima-Koregaon case, attack on democracy and federalism and demanded immediate release of Stan Swamy and other activists.   21st October, 2020 Call for repeal of UAPA!   Introduction On […]

PUCL Condemns the Detention and Arrest of Fr. Stan Swamy in Bhima Koregaon Case

The National Investigating agency (NIA) on Thursday arrested 83 years old social and human rights worker Fr. Stan Swamy from his residence in Bagaicha, Ranchi in Jharkhand. Fr. Swamy was previously been questioned in Bhima Koregaon case, in which he was booked as a “suspected-case”. In a video statement released earlier today, Fr. Swamy said […]

Supreme Court refuses Sudha Bharadwaj’s plea for medical bail

The hearing of Sudha Bharadwaj’s Special Leave Petition for medical bail in the Supreme Court on Thursday (24/09/2020) did not yield any relief for her, giving a big jolt to the immense faith vested by Bharadwaj’s friends and family members in the Apex Court’s humanitarian rationale. The court advised her lawyer to file appeal for […]

More than a thousand scientists and academics express concern over NIA actions in Bhima-Koregaon case

More than a thousand members of the scientific and academic community, from universities in India as well as abroad, signed a statement expressing their concern over summoning of scientist Partha Sarthi Roy for interrogation by the NIA in the Bhima-Koregaon case. The statement reflects a deep disquiet in the scientific and academic community about the shrinking […]

CDRO condemns the witch-hunt by the NIA

CDRO condemns the witch-hunt by the NIA and the choking of pro-people voices.   Press Release 8th September 2020   After the arrests of leading public intellectuals like poet Varavara Rao, Prof. Soma Sen, Prof. Anand Teltumbde, Mr. Gautam Navlakha, Ms. Sudha Bharadwaj and others, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has trained its gun yet once again on […]

Statement In Solidarity With Dr Partha Sarathi Ray

A statement issued by different organisations, academicians and activists condemning brazen assault by the state on democratic activities and demanding immediate withdrawal of NIA’s menacing and threatening interrogation notice to Partha Sarathi Ray.     6 September 2020  We have come to know that our dear friend and comrade Dr Partho Sarothi Ray, Associate Professor, Indian […]

Black Day Observed in Punjab on 5th August — A Report

On a call issued by Association for Democratic Rights (AFDR),  a protest day was observed on 5th August, in various districts of  Punjab, on the first anniversary of abrogation of article 370 for J&K. Also, demands for repeal of UAPA and release of incarcerated intellectuals were raised.     Ludhiana, 5 August, 2020 Association for […]

CDRO condemns the arrest of Delhi University Prof. HanyBabu

Co-ordination of Democratic Rights Organisations (CDRO) condemns the arrest of Delhi University Prof. Hany Babu and demands his immediate release after dropping the false charges levied against him. His arrest is part of the Modi’s Government attempt in silencing the dissent. Prof. Hany Babu is arrested by NIA on 28th July, 2020, on the allegation […]