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Institutes of Eminence : Education or Spectator Sports?

Institutes of Eminence demonstrate yet another scam designed by the BJP government that corporatizes education, implements unscientific ranking system presenting false data, enforces an increasing number of bad educational loans, and plays cruel games with the future of the Indian youth. A GroundXero report. BJP’s Achhe Din campaign promised an ‘inclusive’ education. As seen in […]

Students attacked by TMC in Kolkata for protesting against Privatisation and Corruption in Education

TMC student activists brutally attack and injure students at Surendranath College, Kolkata, for protesting against privatisation of higher education, scrapping of UGC and ruling party corruption in admissions across colleges in the state. Two students seriously injured. Police yet to arrest anyone though FIR has been filed. GroundXero report. Today, students belonging to a left […]

The Rechristening of UGC, or the Birth of HECI

On 27 June 2018, the Human Resources Development Ministry of the Government of India announced that it would repeal the University Grants Commission (UGC) Act and introduce a new regulatory body for higher education called the Higher Education Commission of India (HECI). This announcement has received intense critique from a faction of the Indian academic world. Prof. V. […]

Scrapping of UGC: Whose autonomy, whose freedom?

Last week, before going off on a spree of tweets about his Australia trip he expects would save the future of Indian education system, Minister of HRD of India, Prakash Javadekar announced scrapping of the University Grants Commission, and declared what he called the Higher Education Commission of India as it’s ‘replacement’. The HECI is […]

শিক্ষায় ‘স্বাধিকার’: কোন ‘স্বাধিকার’, এবং কার থেকে ‘স্বাধিকার’?

নন্দিনী ধর আমি পেশায় শিক্ষক। গত বিশ বছর সময় ধরে কোনও না কোনওভাবে পড়িয়ে এসেছি। সেই সুযোগে, শিক্ষকতা সম্পর্কে দুটো জিনিস এই কয়েকবছরে বুঝেছি। শিক্ষকতা থেকে উদ্ভূত যে মানবিক সম্পর্কসমূহ, তাকে পুঁজির সম্পর্কের খাতে বাঁধা যায় না। না, আমি কোন সামন্ততান্ত্রিক গুরুবাদের কথা বলছি না। বলছি একধরনের জটিল আদানপ্রদানের কথা, যা বেঁধে রাখে সকল শিক্ষক–ছাত্রছাত্রী সম্পর্ককে। যেমন […]