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Who Killed Jia Lal?

Jia Lal, who was among the 13 Maruti workers sentenced to life imprisonment in Bhondsi Jail, Gurgaon, under the alleged charge of attempt to murder of a Maruri official, passed away on June 4. Though he was suffering from cancer, his imprisonment and death illustrate a painful example of how the corporate- state nexus joins […]

Maruti Workers Raise Money to Support Families of Jailed Comrades

In an exemplary show of working class unity and camaraderie, the workers of Maruti Suzuki Gurgaon plant voluntarily contributed and raised Rs. 45,50,000 for the families of the 13 ex-workers serving Life Imprisonment. A GroundXero report. On 22nd August, the Maruti Udyog Kamgar Union announced a financial support to the tune of Rs. 45,50,000 for the […]

Mazdoor Sangarsh Rally Held in Gurgaon

A rally was held by the Maruti Suzuki Mazdoor Sangh, demanding immediate release of the 13 Union workers serving Life Sentence. The 13 workers are in Jail for last 6 years to satisfy the ‘collective conscience’ of the capitalist class. A report by Khushiram, Ramniwas and Jitender. Gurgaon, 18th July, 2018  A ‘Mazdoor Sangarsh Rally’ […]