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The real cause of a summary dismissal from an academic institution amidst the pandemic

The summary dismissal of Prof. Sudharson from the Madras School of Social Work has precipitated much anger and disappointment in academic and activist circles. On social media, we have witnessed a large outpouring of support from current and former students. Over 160 academics from across the country have appealed to the Principal of MSSW to […]

Delhi University faculties fired from service amidst the Pandemic

The services of twelve ad-hoc assistant professors working for several years in a college affiliated to Delhi University were suddenly discontinued earlier this month putting them in a precarious position amidst the raging pandemic. The report was initially published in Workers Unity.    Even as the second wave of Coronavirus epidemic exploded in Delhi, affecting […]

Illegal Retrenchment, Coronavirus and the Bhagwati Workers

The workers of Bhagwati Products Ltd. (Micromax Informatics Ltd.) in Uttarakhand had won a significant victory against the company management as the Haldwani Industrial Tribunal declared a retrenchment order affecting 303 workers of the company illegal, and ordered the management to pay the retrenched workers the entire due salary for the period of 15 months […]