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Remembering Stan

Stan was certainly a rebel. He revolted against the widespread injustice in society. And he was convinced that only through the popular movements a just society could be achieved, writes Sanjay Basu Mullick.   “As flies to wanton boys, are we to the gods They kill us for their sport”   Quoted a friend from […]

Fr. Stan Swamy’s institutional murder must lead to a nationwide movement against draconian, anti-people laws and state repression

NAPM joins citizens and democratic groups across the globe remembering the life and struggle of Stan Swamy with pain and pride     7th July, 2021:  The news of the cold-blooded killing of Fr. Stan Swamy by all the institutions that held him arbitrarily in custody for over 9 months has shaken not just the ‘conscience’ of […]

স্ট্যানের জন্য কয়েকলাইন

তারপর প্রথম দেবদূত তার শিঙ্গা বাজালো, এবং রক্তমেশা শিলাবৃষ্টি আর আগুন ঝরে পড়তে লাগল পৃথিবীর ওপর। পৃথিবীর তিনভাগের একভাগ পুড়ে গেল, আর ঝলসে গেল তার মধ্যেকার যত গাছ আর সবুজ ঘাস।  — উন্মোচন, ৮:৭   শেষপর্যন্ত ওরা আপনাকে মেরেই ফেলল। মেরে ফেলতেই যে চেয়েছিল, তা আমরা আগেই টের পেয়েছিলাম, যদিও কিছু করে উঠতে পারিনি। কিই […]


Amidst the huge outpour of shock, anger and rage over the death of Father Stan Swamy, which has been described by many as ‘institutional murder by an inhuman state’, we need to remember that the late Father Stan Larduswamy was a pioneer of the peoples’ struggles to protect ‘Jal-Jungle-Jameen (water-forest-land)” from state and corporate aggression […]