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CAA/NRC/NPR – A Blueprint for a Fascist Surveillance State

The NRC/CAA is a project of the RSS/BJP duo to seize political power by simultaneously orchestrating communal polarisation in the name of Muslim ‘infiltrators’ and hanging the bait of citizenship to the Hindu ‘refugees’. To understand the possible blueprint of what might unfold in West Bengal in regard to citizenship issues, we need to understand […]

Assam’s Detention Centres: The Carceral Archipelago?

Historically, the issues of “indigeneity” and “immigration” have faced each other in Assam, thus dividing the polity. Such a division has often exploded during the recent debates around  NRC and CAA. However, the fates of millions in Assam, now, are predicated upon their ability to raise labour and indigeneity together, and not against each other. […]

Some thoughts on International Working Women’s Day

A recently released Oxfam report informs, women and girls perform 3.26 billion hours of unpaid carework each and every day – a contribution to the Indian economy of at least Rs 19 lakh crore a year, which is 20 times the entire education budget of India in 2019 (Rs 93,000 crore). At the same time, […]