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Proposed Amendments to Forest Act Strengthen State Hand Against Forest Dwellers

The Union government’s proposed amendments to the Indian Forest Act provide unprecedented levels of immunity to forest officials and summarily does away with the presumption of innocence. A GroundXero report.     The preamble to the Indian Forest Act (1927) in no uncertain terms clarifies the attitude of British imperialists towards the Indian forests and, […]

Mumbai Rises to Save Democracy condemns the hounding and reprisals by the state on people’s activist

Mumbai Rises to Save Democracy (MRSD) press release condemns the continuous hounding of the human rights activists, people lawyers, trade unionists and other voices of dissent by the Indian state and use of draconian law like UAPA to imprison them for years without bail. The press statement also highlights the failure of the Maharashtra government […]

REPEAL UAPA! Uphold the Right to Dissent!

Groundxero is collectively publishing this article specifically on UAPA in order to clarify what this law actually amounts to and how its draconian provisions are used by the State to incarcerate political and human rights activists, lawyers, workers, students, journalists, artists – just about anyone, who speaks for the rights of the oppressed in this country. […]