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Immediately disburse wages pending for two years to NREGA workers in West Bengal

100 Lawyers and Law Professionals from across India endorse demand to immediate disbursal of wages pending for two years to NREGA workers in West Bengal, with full compensation & resumption of work.   Groundxero | 3rd February, 2024   The Union Government has stopped funding for NREGA in West Bengal since 9th March, 2022, based on […]

The Problem of Unpaid NREGA Wages In West Bengal

6.8 crores or about 60% of the West Bengal population uses NREGA as a source of income or as supplementary income. Almost all NREGA work has been stopped in the state since mid-2022. To date, wages to the extent of Rs 2800 crores remain unpaid to these workers. It is almost as if the entire […]

Angry rural and agricultural workers stopped trains across Punjab

Farmers and Farm Unions struggle has achieved an historic victory. The union government have accepted most of their demands, including the complete withdrawal of the three contentious farm laws. The farmers have left for their homes vacating the borders of Delhi, which they have been occupying for over a year. But this historic victory means […]

Denied All Social Security, Old Widow Dies of Hunger in Purulia

On this 15th of August, as the rulers of the nation were busy thumping their ‘big chests’ screaming sermons of world leadership and patriotism, Bimala Pandey, an old widow in Purulia, West Bengal, died of hunger while begging for a morsel of rice at her last moments. Starvation deaths are intimately linked with non-deliverance of […]

PM’s rare speech on the Economy: A scrutiny of what was left unsaid

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while inaugurating the 3rd annual meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in Mumbai on June 26, gave a rare speech on the state of Indian economy in recent times. In an earlier post we presented a brief scrutiny of the PM’s recent claims about the economy, based on what he […]