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Resisting Dispossession: The Odisha Story

‘Resisting dispossession: The Odisha Story’ is a book written by Nigamananda Sadangi and Ranjana Padhi on people’s movements in Odisha, published in India by Aakar Books. It documents the struggles, based on testimonials of the people who lost their land, livelihood, culture, dignity as well as lives of their relatives, friends and members of their community […]

Protest against Odisha Govt’s ecotourism project in Niyamgiri

GroundXero news report 4th October, 2020   Today, a meeting was held at Arishakani village of Kurli GP in Niyamgiri hills in Odisha to protest against a Government tourism project in Niyamgiri.   The meeting was organised under the leadership of Lataka Pusika, a Pusika clan leader and owner of the land where the project is […]