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The acquittal of Priya Ramani is not a battle won

While Priya Ramani’s acquittal seems like a victory, let us not forget the woman was on trial, like she always is, writes Pritha Paul.   Criminal defamation, a colonial law enacted by the British, to stifle any voice of dissent, is one that has been used often by powerful members of the modern, democratic Indian […]

“The oppressive state is a male rapist” – proclaims a viral video by Chilean feminist 

“And it wasn’t my fault or where I was or how I dressed.  The rapist was you. The rapist is you. The Judges, The State, The President”. Thousands of women in Santiago, the capital of Chile, chanted these slogans in a choreographed performance that went viral. Pramod Gupta writes about this viral video – its context and politics, in the backdrop […]