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Fr. Stan Swamy’s institutional murder must lead to a nationwide movement against draconian, anti-people laws and state repression

NAPM joins citizens and democratic groups across the globe remembering the life and struggle of Stan Swamy with pain and pride     7th July, 2021:  The news of the cold-blooded killing of Fr. Stan Swamy by all the institutions that held him arbitrarily in custody for over 9 months has shaken not just the ‘conscience’ of […]

স্ট্যানের জন্য কয়েকলাইন

তারপর প্রথম দেবদূত তার শিঙ্গা বাজালো, এবং রক্তমেশা শিলাবৃষ্টি আর আগুন ঝরে পড়তে লাগল পৃথিবীর ওপর। পৃথিবীর তিনভাগের একভাগ পুড়ে গেল, আর ঝলসে গেল তার মধ্যেকার যত গাছ আর সবুজ ঘাস।  — উন্মোচন, ৮:৭   শেষপর্যন্ত ওরা আপনাকে মেরেই ফেলল। মেরে ফেলতেই যে চেয়েছিল, তা আমরা আগেই টের পেয়েছিলাম, যদিও কিছু করে উঠতে পারিনি। কিই […]

Stan Swamy’s death an ‘institutional murder by inhuman state’ say family, friends of Bhima Koregaon accused

The family members and friends of the activists arrested in the Bhima Koregaon case have released a statement calling Adivasi rights activist Father Stan Swamy’s death an ‘institutional murder by inhuman state’. The signatories to the statement said “while we grieve at the passing away of Father Stan Swamy, we unequivocally hold the negligent jails, […]

Protests Erupt Over Institutional Murder Of Adivasi Doctor

We have been conditioned to believe that only in rural backwaters, far away from “civilization,” are Dalits and Adivasis who presume to parlay with the upper castes as equals “shown their place” through intimidation and violence. The investigation into Dr. Tadvi’s death is ongoing, but if it reveals that she was murdered, we ought to […]