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54 Thousand Workers From Duncans Gardens File Claims for 1538 Crores Dues With NCLT

Gorundxero report/25 June 2021   With Duncans Industries Limited going into bankruptcy, the future of the workers of 17 tea gardens owned by Duncans is now in doldrums. Workers are worried about their dues and apprehensive whether they will ever receive their due wages, fringe benefits, gratuity and provident fund.   Responding to the workers’ […]

Tea Garden Workers Collective Resolves To Stop Illegal Takeover

Hundreds of workers of the Jateswar Division of Birpara Tea Garden have begun a struggle to prevent the illegal and unjust takeover of their garden by Merico Agro Industries Ltd. According to the workers, they have put in a lot of effort to turn the garden into a paying venture, after it was abandoned by […]