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Write me down, I am an Indian

Ajmal Khan (After Mahmood Darvesh in Palestine, Agha Shahid Ali in Kashmir and the Mia poets in Assam)    Write me down I am an Indian Write it down My name is Ajmal I am a Muslim and Indian citizen We are seven at home all are Indian by birth Do you want documents?   Write […]

2650 Citizens file Complaints with the EC against BJP’s Communalisation of Elections

As many as 2650 people from across the country have reportedly signed and sent email complaints to the Election Commission of India over the recent communal, divisive and anti-Constitutional remarks made by the ruling party and its ministers. A GroundXero report.     On 16th April, a group of civil society organisations put up an […]

#2018: Attacks on Muslims

Perhaps one of the key reasons for which 2018 will probably be looked back at by the generations to come, would be how this nation, its leaders, lawmakers, law enforcement agencies and the judicial setup treated its religious minorities. 2018 has been one of the horrific years in recent, post-Godhra public memory, that saw not […]