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Update on the Struggle against Vedanta’s Bauxite Mining at Sijimali

#SijimaliMatters Update # 7. An update on the status of the struggle by the local communities against Vedanta’s bauxite mining project at Sijimali, Odisha.    Groundxero | 16th February, 2024   Vedanta Limited’s proposed bauxite mining project at Sijimali in Odisha’s Rayagada district is being intensely opposed by local Adivasi and Dalit villagers who have voiced […]

An Open Letter to the President of India from the People of Kutrumali, Sijimali and Majhingmali on 26 January

Groundxero | Ist February, 2024   160 Adivasi and Dalit people from eight villages in Kutrumali, Sijimali and Majhingmali in South Odisha, wrote an open letter to the President of India on the Republic Day, drawing her attention to the unjust and unconstitutional ways by which their land, hills, rivers and streams have been sold off […]

An Update of the Gram (Palli) Sabha Meetings Held in the Sijimali Region

#SijimaliMatters Update # 6 December 21, 2023   We bring to you an update of the Gram (Palli) Sabha meetings held in the Sijimali region on 8 December by the local administration in the presence of company officials and armed police and people’s protest and the Shaheed Rendo Majhi Diwas event in Nakrundi Gram Panchayat […]

Coerced Gram Sabhas in Sijimali: A Grave Travesty of Justice

By Groundxero | 10 Dec, 2023   Peasant unions, Adivasi organizations, Trade Unions and social activists in Odisha have issued a joint statement condemning the farce of Gram Sabhas carried out by the Odisha Government in the Sijimali region to hasten the process of bauxite mining for Vedanta Limited.    They have expressed outrage and concern over […]


  Her story in photos of two public hearings for environment clearance to Vedanta’s bauxite mining proposal in Rayagada and Kalahandi districts, Odisha    By Rajaraman, Debabrata and Evanjelina.   Women of Banteji village, in the foothills of Tijmali, collectively resolve to oppose bauxite mining on the night before the public hearing of 16th October […]

An Update On Sijimali Struggle Against Bauxite Mining By Vedanta

Groundxero | 1st November, 2023   Vedanta Limited’s proposed bauxite mining project at Sijimali in Odisha’s Rayagada district is being intensely opposed by local Adivasi and Dalit villagers who have voiced concerns over their eviction and possible adverse impact of the mining project on their livelihoods and local ecology.    On March 1 of this […]

Public Meeting At Talaampadar Against Bauxite Mining In Sijimali Hills

Groundxero | 31st October, 2023   A huge public meeting was held on 29th October at Talaampadar of Thuamal Rampur Block in Kalahandi district of Odisha. This public meeting was attended by over 2000 people. The objective of the meeting was to strengthen the bonds across the communities and reiterate their resolve to unitedly continue […]

Resounding Opposition From Local Villagers To Mining By Vedanta During The Second Public Hearing 

Groundxero Report | 19th October, 2023   The second Public Hearing, required to obtain the Environment Clearance for the Sijimali Bauxite Mining Project of Vedanta, met with equal resounding opposition from local villagers. It was held on Oct 18 at Kerpai High School premises in Thuamul Rampur Block of Kalahandi district, Odisha.   The public hearing started at […]

The Song of the Mali : Remembering the infamous Maikanch police firing in Odisha on people’s opposition to bauxite mining

Activists in West Bengal are at this point pondering over, debating and discussing the adverse impacts of the much touted mega open-cast coal mining project in Deocha-Pachami in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. While the adivasi villagers in the area are expressing their opposition to the mining project on their ancestral lands, and many […]