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Sharjeel Usmani ‘Arrested’ by UP Police

GroundXero report   8th July, 2020   Sharjeel Usmani, anti-CAA protest activist and former student of Political Science at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) was ‘arrested’ by a police team from his hometown of Azamgarh on Wednesday evening. Sharjeel is one of the Secretaries of Fraternity Movement and a leading voice of the struggle against CAA, […]

Violence in JMI and AMU: Right Wing Media Trial of the Muslim Subjects

The deep-seated and systematic anti-Islamic and Islamophobic hate campaign by RSS and BJP-backed media portals continue unabated. With specific reference to how protests started against CAA and NRC in the country and the police brutality that ensued, Arpita Jaya in this article attempts to specifically look at how the RSS and BJP-backed media portals have […]

Kashmiri students in Aligarh Muslim University decline Yogi Adityanath’s “photo-op” invitation  

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh invited 40 Kashmiri students from Aligarh Muslim University, as part of an initiative to purportedly create awareness about the Centre’s decision to remove Article 370 and address any misconceptions. Since the Abrogation of Article 370 Kashmir has been under complete lockdown. Kashmiris staying in India are unable to contact […]