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Adivasis’ 330 km Padayatra, seeking cancellation of coal mining in Hasdeo Arand, reaches Raipur

Around 250 residents of Chhattisgarh’s Hasdeo Arand started a march from Surguja district to Raipur, around 330 kilometres away, on 4 October 2021, demanding cancellation of all coal mining projects in their region. Environmentalists and activists also took part in the march. After covering more than 300 km distance to the capital, Raipur over 10 days, […]

#2018: The Year of Unprecedented Inequalities

The “spontaneous” tendency of capitalism to produce “wealth at one pole and poverty at another” has been accelerated with a vengeance under neo-liberal capitalism. Post-reform India, since 1990s, is a classic example of this phenomenon. But under the Narendra Modi regime, inequality in India has reached obnoxious levels. 2018 saw historic levels of inequality in […]

৬ ডিসেম্বর ১৯৯২: স্বাধীন ভারতের বুকে ফ্যাসিস্ত পদধ্বনি।

৬ই ডিসেম্বর ১৯৯২-তে সেই সুরুয়াত। বাবরি মসজিদ ধ্বংসের ২৬তম দিবস। অন্যদিকে, প্রত্নতাত্ত্বিকদের একটি টিম ঘোষণা করেছেন যে, খননকার্য থেকে প্রাপ্ত প্রমান থেকে অবশ্যপ্রমাণিত যে মসজিদের নীচে কোনো মন্দির কখনো ছিল না। কিন্তু, তাতে কি যায় আসে! কিন্তু, আজ ৬ই ডিসেম্বর। হিন্দু দক্ষিণপন্থী ফ্যাসিবাদ আর বৃহৎ পুঁজির একচেটিয়া আধিপত্যের আজ যে বাস্তবতা আমরা দেখতে পাচ্ছি , […]

Fadnavis Government’s use of UAPA to crush the Reliance workers’ movement

A wave of repression has been unleashed on trade union movement through the use of laws like UAPA. In December 2017, Mazdoor Sangathan Samiti (MSS), a registered trade union, which has been working among thousands of tribal workers in Jharkhand, was banned without any satisfactory inquiry. MSS leaders Bachcha Singh, Deepak Kumar and activist Damodar […]

PM’s rare speech on the Economy: A scrutiny of what was left unsaid

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while inaugurating the 3rd annual meeting of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in Mumbai on June 26, gave a rare speech on the state of Indian economy in recent times. In an earlier post we presented a brief scrutiny of the PM’s recent claims about the economy, based on what he […]