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Learning from Lead Belly and the Popular Front

The task of today’s transnational popular front against plutofascism is to create “new modes of friendship, happiness, and solidarity”. This means giving every polity, language and community on the planet the tools to engage with and learn from every other polity, language and community. It also means a radical politics of memory which is rooted […]

Plutofascism and The Squid Game

What made The Squid Game Netflix’s most-watched series of 2021 was not just its visual panache, its excellent cast, its crackerjack script and the nail-biting suspense of its gladiatorial contests. Rather, the series was the first work of mainstream streaming media to openly identify the single most dangerous political movement of our time, namely plutofascism, […]

America at the Crossroads of History

The choice now facing the citizens of the United States is the same binary choice facing the citizens of every other polity on our planet: either revanchist self-destruction or progressive self-renewal, either the plutofascism of the 2,067 billionaires or the democracy of the 8 billion, either the planetary extinction of the human species or the […]