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“Mass riots in India spurred on by content posted on Facebook” — 41 Organizations wrote to Zuckerberg.

Forty one organisations from around the world on Wednesday wrote to Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg, urging him to take decisive action to address Facebook  India’s bias and failure to address dangerous content in India, as the link between content on its social platform and offline violence in India is no more a secret.   On August […]

Democracy c/o Facebook. Part 3

So far in the series, we have talked about the Facebook model, its algorithm, its business, and its impact across societies and democracies on the planet. One of the intriguing questions that remains is that of the “how”. How is it such a successful model? In this concluding part of Democracy c/o Facebook, Siddhartha Dasgupta […]

Democracy c/o Facebook. Part 2.

The fact that a youth in Macedonia can write a spurious article and grab attention of a different scale than a publisher like the New York Times – shows the nature, and the power, of the Facebook model. Soon enough however, Facebook became a global platform of not just misinformation, but also hate and polarisation. […]

Democracy c/o Facebook. Part -1

Beginning as a modest online platform for college students to network, Facebook is today one of the biggest ever tech company in history. And one of the most powerful. The social media giant is an information gold-mine for both social engineering, political propaganda and market surveys and product placements, and has been lately accused of […]