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Beyond Prides and Cafes: Exploring Queer Spaces in Non-Metropolitan Bengal

In this essay, the author Aniruddha Dutta, explore trans-queer community spaces far away from the metropolitan cities, their relative invisibilization, and discusses their purposes, their histories, and highlight the often unacknowledged labour behind their sustenance.      The last months of the previous decade ended with a flurry of LGBTQIA+ pride walks in not just metropolitan […]

Lok Sabha passes “Trans Bill”, “It violates more rights than it protects,” say Transgender Activists

Yesterday the Lok Sabha passed the so-called Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill. Both this, and the Trafficking of Persons bill passed earlier are pending now with the Rajya Sabha for approval. The so-called “Trans Bill” has been rejected by several voices from the Transgender community, who have claimed that the Act if passed would […]