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APDR@50: An Epic Journey (Part 4)

Groundxero, is publishing edited excerpts, chronicling the 50 years epic journey of APDR from Nilanjan Dutta’s forthcoming book, Civil Liberties Movement in India. This is the Part 4 (concluding part) of the series focusing on issues taken up by APDR in the new millennium.   With the turn of the millennium, the situation in West […]

APDR@50: An Epic Journey (Part 2)

Association for Protection of Democratic Rights (APDR) is one of the oldest human rights organisations in India. Formed in 1972, amid the “orgy of slaughter and brutal repression” unleashed by Indian State on political activists, in the background of the Naxalbari uprising, APDR turns 50 this year.   On the eve of APDR’s 28th conference […]