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In scorching summer heat, household electricity connections cut off in a village in Rajasthan, protesters arrested

Since September 2019, villagers under the banner of Bijli Upbhogta Sangharsh Samiti, in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan, have been peacefully protesting the arbitrary and extreme hikes in electricity bills. On 28 May, two activists of Bijli Upbhogta Sangharsh Samiti, Shailendra and Sandeep, were arrested for peacefully opposing the state electricity department’s inhuman action of cutting […]

Slum dwellers in Rajasthan protest against massive hike in electricity billĀ 

Power consumers in Rajasthan have been bearing the brunt of massive and arbitrary hikes in electricity tariffs for the last few years. Groundxero has earlier reported the ongoing protests by villagers of Rajasthan against these arbitrary charges and the adverse role of the administration. Yesterday, slum-dwellers along with students, workers and activists held a protest […]