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When Homes Become the Sites of State Assault in Kashmir

It is an understatement that the notions of home for the Indian elite, the home-quarantined middle class, the activists under fabricated cases in jails, the migrant workers on the road and the Kashmiris suffering the state oppression for decades are not the same. The Indian state has been systematically denying the Kashmiris every right to claiming […]

REPEAL UAPA! Uphold the Right to Dissent!

Groundxero is collectively publishing this article specifically on UAPA in order to clarify what this law actually amounts to and how its draconian provisions are used by the State to incarcerate political and human rights activists, lawyers, workers, students, journalists, artists – just about anyone, who speaks for the rights of the oppressed in this country. […]

The Voice of Hope in Turkey, Grup Yorum : Internet Concert on July 1

On May 6, Groundxero published a report in solidarity with the revolutionary Turkish Rock Band Grup Yorum. The fearless collective will give their second internet concert on July 1, Turkish time 19:00, Indian time 11:00. Below is the call for their concert. The voice of the hope, Grup Yorum, cannot be silenced! There we are, in […]