The Voice of Hope in Turkey, Grup Yorum : Internet Concert on July 1

  • June 28, 2018

On May 6, Groundxero published a report in solidarity with the revolutionary Turkish Rock Band Grup Yorum. The fearless collective will give their second internet concert on July 1, Turkish time 19:00, Indian time 11:00. Below is the call for their concert.

The voice of the hope, Grup Yorum, cannot be silenced!

There we are, in front of you with a new concert! Bounties are put on our heads, 6 of our friends are on the most wanted list, and exactly 10 of our members are currently captives in the prisons of our country. We are making revolutionary art for 33 years. This is neither our first captivity, nor our first prohibition. Our head is held high, just as we carry the pride of not remaining silent to repression, injustice and captivity.

Today, even while 16 of our members are not among us, if it is possible for us to go on the stage it is thanks to our link to the people. We are the people and we are children of this people. No matter how much you want to terrorize us, we are concealed in the people’s bosoms.

The days when we will again pack the fields with millions of souls are close. We resist the fascism with this belief and now we will be again in front of you with an Internet concert. We addressed our people from the roofs of the poor neıghbourhoods. We got on a lorry and made our marches echo street by street. As for today, it is time to show the fascism the power of Grup Yorum once again. You can attack as as much as you want, but we are coming, resisting, growing and producing!

With a wish to meet you on our concert on Friday July 1st at 19:00 (Turkish time).



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