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Decoding the Arsenal Report: The Curious case of Questionable evidence in Bhima Koregaon/Elgar Parishad case

On 10 February, The Washington Post reported that a new forensic report found that key evidence against the Indian activists accused in the Bhima Koregaon case of plotting to overthrow the Narendra Modi government was planted on a laptop seized by the police. The forensic report by Arsenal Consulting, a United States digital forensics firm, […]

The Bhima Koregaon Forensic Report: FAQs answered by Prof. Jedidiah Crandall

The Washington Post on February 10 published a report based on startling new evidence of a forensic analysis that establishes that the top 10 files used to implicate Rona Wilson with conspiracy to assassinate the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and several other charges were fabricated and had been planted on the hard drive of Wilson’s […]

Mumbai Rises to Save Democracy condemns the hounding and reprisals by the state on people’s activist

Mumbai Rises to Save Democracy (MRSD) press release condemns the continuous hounding of the human rights activists, people lawyers, trade unionists and other voices of dissent by the Indian state and use of draconian law like UAPA to imprison them for years without bail. The press statement also highlights the failure of the Maharashtra government […]