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Protests Erupt Over Institutional Murder Of Adivasi Doctor

We have been conditioned to believe that only in rural backwaters, far away from “civilization,” are Dalits and Adivasis who presume to parlay with the upper castes as equals “shown their place” through intimidation and violence. The investigation into Dr. Tadvi’s death is ongoing, but if it reveals that she was murdered, we ought to […]

HCU VC Appa Rao Podile accused of Corruption and Illegal Practices by University Employees

The University of Hyderabad non-teaching staff union has brought forward explosive allegations of corruption against the present administration, specifically against Vice Chancellor Prof. Apparao Podile. In a letter titled “Open Challenge to the Vice Chancellor” addressed to the Vigilance Officers of MHRD and UGC, calling on them to take necessary action, the employees have brought […]