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Joe Biden’s Parting Gift to America Will be Christian Fascism

The Democratic Party had one last chance to implement the kind of New Deal Reforms that could save us from another Trump presidency and Christian fascism. It failed. CHRIS HEDGES MAR 18, 2024   Joe Biden and the Democratic Party made a Trump presidency possible once and look set to make it possible again. If […]

200+ Unions Launch Network to Push for Gaza Cease-Fire

“The support for a cease-fire is overwhelming,” said one union leader. “We can’t stand by in the face of this suffering. We cannot bomb our way to peace.”   By BRETT WILKINS Feb 16, 2024 Common Dreams   Seven national and over 200 local labor unions in the United States on Friday announced the establishment of a coalition […]

A Deeper Look at Hamas and What Terrorism Means in Israel-Palestine

When one side in hostilities lacks an army, that side often finds its only recourse is to use what the other side calls “terrorism.”   By ROBERT M. SCHAIBLE, SALLY BOWDEN-SCHAIBLE Feb 13, 2024 Common Dreams   On October 7, Hamas launched a terrorist attack on southern Israel, killing some 1,100 people, a majority of whom […]

Let Them Eat Dirt

The final stage of Israel’s genocide in Gaza, an orchestrated mass starvation, has begun. The international community does not intend to stop it.   CHRIS HEDGES FEB 9, 2024   There was never any possibility that the Israeli government would agree to a pause in the fighting proposed by Secretary of State Antony Blinken, much less a […]

Explainer: what is the two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

By Andrew Thomas, Deakin University   In recent weeks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeated his rejections of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian crisis, saying: I will not compromise on full Israeli security control over all the territory west of Jordan – and this is contrary to a Palestinian state.   While Netanyahu […]

Israeli Groups Demand Gaza Cease-Fire as Netanyahu Rejects Hamas Deal

A former hostage warned the Israeli prime minister that if he continues to pursue “the destruction of Hamas, there won’t be any hostages to release.”   JESSICA CORBETT Feb 7, 2024   Rights groups in Israel on Wednesday demanded a cease-fire in their country’s four-month war on the Gaza Strip as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin […]

Joe Sacco, author of ‘Footnotes in Gaza,’ on journalism and Palestine

Joe Sacco, whose graphic novels marry illustration with cutting-edge journalism, speaks on his career reporting on Palestine and what it means to bear witness as a journalist committed to justice.  BY CHRIS HEDGES, The Real News Network JANUARY 19, 2024   Few journalists can be credited with as innovative and impactful a career as Joe Sacco, whose […]

‘Children Are Dying’ as Gaza Famine Arrives With ‘Incredible Speed’

Citing Israel’s declaration of “complete siege,” one critic said the war on Gazan civilians is “proceeding exactly as planned,” including newborns dying within days because their undernourished mothers can’t feed them.   BRETT WILKINS Jan 16, 2024   Gaza’s children—already reeling from 102 days of U.S.-backed Israeli bombardment that has killed and maimed tens of […]

The Case for Genocide

The International Court of Justice may be all that stands between the Palestinians in Gaza and genocide.   By CHRIS HEDGES Jan 12, 2024     The exhaustive 84-page brief submitted by South Africa to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) charging Israel with genocide is hard to refute. Israel’s campaign of indiscriminate killing, wholesale destruction […]

Jesus of Palestine. Jesus of the Gaza Strip

We know how the Christmas story ends. This child becomes a leader, a prophet, the epitome of marginalized humanity: despised, hunted, convicted, and sentenced to death.   By RICHARD ESKOW Dec 24, 2023 Common Dreams   Every now and then an image perfectly captures the moment, in all its light or darkness.I was struck by […]

The Evil Israel Does is the Evil Israel Gets

Israel’s settler colonial project perpetuates the cycle of violence against the indigenous inhabitants of historic Palestine. Palestinians have been forced to speak back in the language Israel speaks.   By CHRIS HEDGES Dec 10, 2023     I knew Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi, the co-founder of Hamas, along with Sheikh Ahmed Ismail Yassin. Al-Rantisi’s family were […]

The Truce Is Over; Ethnic Cleansing And Genocide Resumes In Gaza

Israel resumed its assault on the Gaza Strip Friday morning just minutes after the pause with Hamas officially expired, ending a fragile seven-day truce that created conditions for the release of hundreds of Israeli and Palestinian captives and allowed additional—but still inadequate—humanitarian aid to enter the besieged territory.   By Groundxero Dec 01, 2023   […]

Israel’s War on Hospitals

Israel’s War on Hospitals Israel is carrying out a campaign to make Gaza uninhabitable. This campaign includes destroying all of Gaza’s hospitals. The message Israel is sending is clear – Nowhere is safe. If you stay you die.    by CHRIS HEDGES NOV 20, 2023   Israel is not attacking hospitals in Gaza because they […]

Israel is Shutting Down its Human Laboratory in Gaza

Israel is Shutting Down its Human Laboratory in Gaza   Israel uses Palestinians imprisoned in Gaza as human guinea pigs for its weapons and technology industries.   By CHRIS HEDGES NOV 17, 2023     CAIRO, Egypt: The Palestinians are human laboratory rats to the Israeli military, intelligence services and arms and technology industries. Israel’s […]