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Land grab and police repression in Dhinkia continues unabated: a PUCL report

Dhinkia-Charidesh, a cluster of villages, in the coastal District of Jagatsinghpur, Odisha with its dense casuarinas and cashew forests along the shoreline, lush-green betel vines on the sandy soil, tall sand dunes, meandering deltaic rivers, creeks and estuary is a feast to the eye. This patch of land, largely forest land, has been chosen by […]

Brutal Police Repression Upon Villagers Protesting Against Jindal Steel In Odisha  

Prashant Paikray, spokesperson, anti-Jindal & anti-POSCO movement in Odisha, gives an update on the recent police repression and the peoples’ struggle against JSW.   Dear Friends, Greetings from Anti- Jindal & Anti- POSCO Movement, Odisha, India!   The state government run by Mr. Nabin Pattnaik is making brutal police action against our people in order […]