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CPDR-TN condemns the encounter killing of a Maoist at Banasura forest area in Kerala

Gunning down of alleged Maoists and their Adivasi sympathisers, irrespective of age and gender, in fake encounters, has become a routine job for the security forces in India – be it the massacres in Gadchiroli Sukuma, Malkangiri, Bhalwahi, Nilambur or many other in the forests of Andhra, Telengana,  Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. Yesterday, yet another encounter […]

Eye for an Eye, Tooth for a Tooth, Encounter for a Rape

Encounter killing of accused in Telangana is hardly a deterrent against rape. On the contrary, it magnifies the patriarchal notions of men protecting the honor of women through violence, which fuels myriad violence against women everyday. Writes Rumela Sen.     “Two Wrongs don’t make a Right, but they make a good Excuse” -Thomas Szasz […]