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Americans Are Dying For Health Care

The average American dies five years and eight months before the average Japanese citizen, and four years before the average Canadian. Amazingly, Americans live six months less than the average citizen of Cuba, an island nation whose per capita GDP is one-thirtieth that of its northern neighbor. How is this possible? Dennis Redmond argues that […]

Seven Years After Occupy : Where Occupy Came From

The Occupy movement led to a sort of reinvention of the American left. To understand how and why Occupy made this possible, it is worth reflecting on the unique political history of the United States during its sixty-three years of world hegemony (1945-2008) – writes Dennis Redmond.   Part 1 of this series can be read […]

Seven Years Since Occupy, Part 1

It has been seven years since the Occupy Wall Street movement shook the US political and economic establishment, and created ripples of excitement in anti-capitalist movements across the world. However the movement seemed to ‘vanish’ as breezily as it erupted. Dennis Redmond recounts key features of the Occupy Movement – including it’s leaderlessness yet high self-organization, questions […]