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America 2020: The Year of the Plebians

The fundamental economic experience of the 126.7 million Americans younger than 30 has been crushing austerity, plutocratic immiseration, and the privatization of health care, housing and education. This generation of Americans, in 2020, changed the course of American history. In the summer of 2020, tens of millions of young people marched in the streets against carceral racism, […]

The Democracy of the 8 Billion

The millions of Americans in the streets are not just demanding an end to the carceral state, they are demanding that the state serve ordinary citizens instead of plutocrats — a demand which will resonate throughout the entire world. The age of the plutocrats is over, and the fight for transnational democracy has begun writes, […]

Seven Years After Occupy : Where Occupy Came From

The Occupy movement led to a sort of reinvention of the American left. To understand how and why Occupy made this possible, it is worth reflecting on the unique political history of the United States during its sixty-three years of world hegemony (1945-2008) – writes Dennis Redmond.   Part 1 of this series can be read […]