Condemn vehemently the custodial death of Pandu Narote

  • August 31, 2022

Committee for the Defence and Release of Dr. G.N. Saibaba, in a press statement termed the death of Pandu Narote, a 35-year young Adivasi implicated by the State and imprisoned for life, along with Dr. G.N. Saibaba, as ‘custodial death’, caused due to utter negligence of Nagpur Central Jail authorities. While condemning vehemently the custodial death of Pandu Narote, the committee has demanded immediate judicial enquiry into the incident.

Pandu Narote



31 August 2022


Death of Pandu Narote is due to utter negligence of Nagpur central jail authorities

Condemn vehemently the Custodial death of Pandu Narote Demands immediate Judicial Enquiry

Pandu Narote, a 35-year young and innocent Adivasi implicated by the State and imprisoned for life, along with Dr. G.N. Saibaba on 7th March 2017 in Nagpur Central Jail. He lost his life on 25th August 2022 at 5 PM in the Government Medical college and Hospital (GMCH) under custody and hand cuffed. His death is not just as termed due to swine flu by the Jail authorities, but it is a custodial death. The local advocate who is representing G.N. Saibaba case, went to Nagpur Jail to find out the health condition of Pandu Narote. The jail authorities did not respond positively and simply informed that Pandu has been shifted to GMCH. Our advocate went to GMCH on 23rd August 2022 and was very much astonished to see Pandu Narote in the Governmental Hospital General ward in highly deteriorated state. On observing his bad condition, Advocate submitted an application to shift Pandu from general ward to ICU. But his efforts have gone in futile. As per the reports from the Nagpur Advocates, the sequences are as follows:


  • On 17th August Pandu fell sick in his anda cell barrack with high fever, cold and cough. In the same barrack about 12 other members including G.N. Saibaba were also had the same sickness
  • Even after repeated complaints, no doctor visited the barrack. On 17th Pandu became unconscious due to steep drop in his pulse rate.
  • The jail guards called the doctor and tried to shift him to Jail hospital. Doctor and other medical staff did not respond for about two hours. Chief Medical Officer (CMO) came later and said that nothing serious to Pandu’s health except viral fever and ordered the nurse to give tablets to control fever and pain killers. CMO sent Pandu back to his cell. The CMO did not even check the pulse rate of
  • On the morning of 18th August, Pandu’s health became very serious, and the barrack members horrified and shouted to save his life. The guards shifted him over a stretcher to the jail hospital where he was put on IV fluids and Other inmates of the barrack were also seriously affected and were administered antibiotics.
  • Pandu’s health was much deteriorated, and he was shifted to GMCH on 19th However, he was brought back to the central jail within hours and did not admit into GMCH.
  • Since G.N. Saibaba and others were also suffering from fever and cough, they were also brought to jail hospital for treatment at the same time when Pandu was brought back to jail hospital from Pandu was unable sit and speak. His body is completely swollen.
  • On 20th August Pandu’s condition has become more crucial and blood was going in the In the evening he was admitted to GMCH and his platelet count was drastically fallen.
  • On 25nd August 2022, Pandu passed away in the evening at about


Pandu Narote belongs to very poor Adivasi family. His family along with his wife and a daughter is living in a remote hamlet far interior to Gadchiroli in the State of Maharashtra. The family members are not even able to bear his funeral expenditure. The sheer negligence, imprudent jail authorities and medical officer are responsible for the undesirable death of Pandu. We demand for constitution of a judicial enquiry committee headed by a sitting High court judge and verify the sequences that led to the untimely death of Pandu Narote and take necessary and appropriate action on the persons responsible for the death of Pandu Narote.


The members of committee for the defence and release of Dr. G. N. Saibaba are in anxiety over the health of Dr. G.N. Saibaba and others in the anda barrack of Nagpur Central Jail. We demand the Jail authorities and Maharashtra State Government to immediately grant parole to Dr. G. N. Saibaba so that he can undergo all necessary medical tests and take proper treatment for his ailments.



  • The State of Maharashtra and Additional DGP (Jails) should constitute a judicial enquiry immediately into the custodial death of Pandu Narote
  • take necessary action on the irresponsible jail authorities
  • pay a compensation of Rs 25 lakh to the family members of Pandu
  • All the inmates of jail shall be provided with necessary and appropriate medical


Prof. G. Haragopal

Chairman 09490775454

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